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Author Filter : Oscar Holt

Author Filter : Oscar Holt
Betting Guide / Betting Help

Five (5) Most Reliable Tips For Winning Bets

March 08,2023 by Oscar Holt

Winning Made Easy: Discover the 5 Most Reliable Tips for Winning Bets and Boosting Your Profits in Soccer Betting Today!

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Sports Betting

Sports Bookie Review - CMD368

January 16,2023 by Oscar Holt

With this CMD368 review, you'll get an in-depth look at these virtual sports and why CMD368 is the best website for sports betting at home.

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Betting Guide / Betting Help

Introducing Asian Handicap Soccer Betting Strategies

December 19,2022 by Oscar Holt

The basic premise of Asian Handicap is simple: the point spread betting system deducts goals from stronger teams.

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Betting Guide / Betting Strategy

Six Proven Strategies For Accumulator Bet

October 17,2022 by Oscar Holt

Some of the essential strategies punters should consider when making accumulator bet are the following..

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Betting Guide / Betting Help / Betting Odds

Use PPG (Point Per Game) To Win In Football Betting

October 03,2022 by Oscar Holt

PPG compares teams' performances and how groups compare versus other teams in the league.

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Footballer Reviews / Club Reviews

Aurélien Tchouaméni: Air

August 14,2022 by Oscar Holt

Aurélien Tchouaméni is Monaco's new young talent, following in the footsteps of Kylian Mbappé and Tiémoué Bakayoko.

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Premier League / Manager Reviews / English Football

Pep Guardiola: Master of Coaches

August 02,2022 by Oscar Holt

Pep Guardiola has been a true revolutionary– A man focused on changing (for the better) every team he has coached.

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Soccer League Preview / Club Reviews

Ligue 1 2022/23: PSG Will Have To Defend The Title

July 30,2022 by Oscar Holt

As far as teams are concerned, all eyes will be on PSG, the current Ligue 1 champions

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Footballer Reviews

Best Goalkeepers Of 2021

June 11,2022 by Oscar Holt

Do you want to know who were the best goalkeepers of the 2021 year? Read here and you will know

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Footballer Reviews / Club Reviews

Trent Alexander-Arnold - Melwood Grandmaster

April 14,2022 by Oscar Holt

At just 23 years old, the young Trent Alexander-Arnold has become one of the necessary and emblematic players of the team led by the German coach.

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Soccer League Preview / Club Reviews

The FA Cup (Most Successful Championship) Explained

February 12,2022 by Oscar Holt

English FA Cup, the world's oldest football competition that serves as a model for domestic tournaments. The event was founded in 1871.

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Sports Betting / Betting Trends

Serie A 2021/22 Season Betting Trends

December 30,2021 by Oscar Holt

The 2021-22 season of the Italian Serie A that began on August 22, 2021, and will end on May 22, 2022.

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Betting Strategy / Betting System

How To Use Positive Progression Betting System In Soccer Betting

October 07,2021 by Oscar Holt

In this article, we will discuss how to use a positive progression system in soccer betting.

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Betting Help / Sports Betting

How To Bet On Odd And Even Goal Number?

September 12,2021 by Oscar Holt

There are many types of strategies in sports betting. This time, we will show you a strategy to bet on odd and even amounts of goals in football.

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Sports Betting

Asia Top Sportsbooks M8bet, Sbobet & Maxbet Reviews

August 19,2021 by Oscar Holt

Asian sportsbooks are one of the best options for sports betting today. The top 3 companies were M8bet, Sbobet, and Maxbet.

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Betting Guide / Betting Help / Betting System

Looking For Useful Sports Betting Systems? Checkout This Sbotop Blog

July 28,2021 by Oscar Holt

Sbotop magazine is intended to help direct novice punters and professionals looking for informative betting content, betting news, strategies, and betting systems all in one place.

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Betting Help / Sports Betting

What Is The Expected Value In Sports Betting?

May 03,2021 by Oscar Holt

The expected value or mathematical expectation is a mathematical term that refers to the probability that an event will occur.

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Footballer Reviews / Club Reviews

The Best Of The Best: Young And Uprising Soccer Players Of 2020

March 16,2021 by Oscar Holt

From any world, region emerge young footballers that later become the stars of this sport. In 2020, there is a new group of young soccer players promising to excel soon.

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Club Reviews

What's Happening In 2021 Spanish La Liga So Far

March 04,2021 by Oscar Holt

The 2020-21 La Liga season will be the 90th edition of the Spanish First Division's history. This league is one of the most recognized in the world.

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Betting Guide / Betting Strategy / Betting System

What Is Betting Bankroll?

February 17,2021 by Oscar Holt

Good betting bankroll management is of the utmost importance to make long-term money at gambling. Good administration should not be lacking.

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Soccer League Preview

Are You Ready For UEFA Euro 2020? Here's What You Should Know

February 08,2021 by Oscar Holt

The UEFA Euro 2020 or Euro 2020 football tournament will be the sixteenth edition of the European national team tournament.

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Betting Guide / Betting Help / Betting Tipsters

How To Choose The Best Sports Betting Tipster?

February 02,2021 by Oscar Holt

How do you know which tipster is reliable and convenient for you? How do you choose the best sports betting tipster?

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Sports Industry Preview / Sports Betting

Sportsbook Review: IMSports Sportsbook

December 31,2020 by Oscar Holt

IMSports is a licensed sportsbook and esports platform established in the Philippines that offers precise and complete information related to any sport or esport events.

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Soccer Betting Tips Video Series

Soccer Betting Tips | Total Goals Betting Market

November 18,2020 by Oscar Holt

In today episode from the Soccer Betting Tips, we will look at another soccer betting method- the total goals soccer betting tips.

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Betting Help

5 Soccer Leagues That Made Betting On Draw Profitable

October 14,2020 by Oscar Holt

Here we bring you some soccer leagues in which you can be profitable by betting on draw.

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Soccer Betting Tips Video Series

Introducing Soccer Betting Tips Video Series By SoccerTipsters

September 11,2020 by Oscar Holt

SoccerTipsters will be introducing a new video series, Soccer Betting Tips video series that will be sharing exclusive tips and strategies to bet and in in soccer.

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Betting Help / Betting Bankroll

Importance Of Bankroll Management In Sports Betting

August 21,2020 by Oscar Holt

One of the most important tips related to bankroll is that we should never deposit money that we cannot afford to lose.

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Soccer League Preview / Premier League / Club Reviews

Let's Look At English Premier League 2020 Top 4 Teams

June 01,2020 by Oscar Holt

The calendar has been played a little more than half, there is an intense fight to be among the 2020 English Premier League top 4 teams.

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Betting Guide / Betting Help / Betting Strategy

Secret Betting Methods To Beat The Bookies

March 10,2020 by Oscar Holt

As a punter, your primary goal is to make a profit, and the only way you can do this is by outsmarting them and beat the bookies at their own game. Learn more

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Betting Guide / Betting Strategy / Betting System

SoccerTipsters Blog | Betting On Underdogs In Cup Competitions

March 01,2020 by Oscar Holt

Betting on the underdogs is a lot riskier, it's also a lot more profitable. So should you bet on the underdogs the next time you bet?

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Betting Help / Betting Strategy / Sports Betting

SoccerTipsters Blog | In Play Soccer Betting Strategies

December 22,2019 by Oscar Holt

In play betting is quickly becoming a favorite amongst punters all over the world. In this article we will share you some in play betting strategies.

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Betting Guide / Betting Help / Sports Betting

How To Get Started In Online Sports Betting?

December 11,2019 by Oscar Holt

Do you also want to maximize your potential profit and get rich at a rapid pace through Sports Betting? In this article learn how to get started in online sports betting.

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Betting Guide / Betting Help / Betting Strategy

Kelly Criterion - Best Money Management Strategy for Sports Betting

December 03,2019 by Oscar Holt

This article explains the Kelly Criterion to calculate betting stakes. Read this article to learn more about this strategy.

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Betting Help / Sports Betting

Which Is Better? Sports Betting or Casino Betting?

November 23,2019 by Oscar Holt

What should you choose between sports betting or casino betting and which have a better chance of winning?

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Soccer League Preview / Match Reviews / Club Reviews

SoccerTipsters Blog | Germany Bundesliga Week 6 Previews

November 01,2019 by Oscar Holt

Week 6 of Germany Bundesliga Previews, RB Leipzig will try to defend their position at the top. Read the previews here

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Soccer League Preview / Club Reviews

SoccerTipsters Blog | Borussia Dortmund Football Club Reviews

October 18,2019 by Oscar Holt

Borussia Dortmund currently standing at 8th of the Germany Bundesliga league. Let's take a look at the background of this club.

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Soccer League Preview / Footballer Reviews

League Reviews | First Week In Italy Series A

September 08,2019 by Oscar Holt

Are you a fan in Italy Series A football? Able to follow up everything happening since the open season? Read this article to see the latest leagues review.

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Betting Guide

Choosing a Good Bookmaker

June 11,2019 by Oscar Holt

Finding a good bookmaker should be the number one step that every punter should take. Read these tips to help you find the best bookmaker.

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Betting Guide / Betting Help / Betting Strategy

How To Make Money With Live Betting

June 04,2019 by Oscar Holt

Let us explain to your what is live betting and how you can make money with it.

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Footballer Reviews

Five Top BIG Match Players In The History of Football

May 14,2019 by Oscar Holt

Five top players in football history that perform well in big and crucial matches.

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Premier League / Manager Reviews

The Evolution Of Football In The Last 10 Years Under Pep Guardiola

December 04,2018 by Oscar Holt

Read the evolution of football in the last 10 years under legend Spanish football coach, Pep Guardiola.

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Footballer Reviews

5 Footballers Whose Careers Ended Due To Horrible Injuries

August 27,2018 by Oscar Holt

Read the five talented footballers that careers ended early due to horrible injuries.

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World Cup

A close look at Russia ?C The host of World Cup 2018

June 19,2018 by Oscar Holt

Are you ready for the World Cup 2018? Read the analysis and preview of World Cup 2018 host, Russia.

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Match Reviews

7 Of The Most Heated Rivalries In The World Of Football

May 23,2018 by Oscar Holt

Read the 7 most heated rivalries matches in the world of football. Cheering until the last drop of sweat is what makes this derby, the greatest of them all.

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