Take a closer look at Russia ?C The host of World Cup 2018

A close look at Russia ?C The host of World Cup 2018

Take a closer look at Russia – The host of World Cup 2018

The past few years, particularly the last couple of months have been turbulent from a sporting side for Russia.

It all started with a systematic doping scandal where most of the Russian athletes were involved in what indeed is the most prominent scandal in the history of the sport.
As a result, more than 400 Russian athletes received a ban from The Olympic Federation and were not eligible to attend the 2018 Olympics in Rio.

As this was not enough, reports broke out just at the end of last year that Russia is facing massive problems regarding the organization of The World Cup 2018.

Many of the stadiums supposed to be finished are late, while the organizing of accommodation and flights for fans that will attend the tournament is awful and messy.

While President Vladimir Putin was first to shoot these rumors down, another scandal was already on his way.

A former Russian spy Sergei Skripal, and his daughter Yulia were poisoned in a British town called Salisbury.

This disgraceful event raised a whole diplomatic crisis between the UK and Russia and will affect English fans and media presence at The World Cup.

However, as we hope football is a game that brings peace and connects people from all around the globe and we should not allow politics to interfere with sports, we take a close look at Russia - The host of World Cup 2018.

Russia has already experienced a huge event

The Winter Olympics in 2014 held in Sochi were described as a huge success. The glamorous event that saw more than 2800 athletes participating and experiencing the prestigious complex of Sochi, originally a subtropical beach, then transformed into a Winter Olympics Paradise.
$51 bn was spent for everything to go according to plan which is a clear indication that when it comes to money, Russians are not afraid to spend it, to be remembered as a great host.

Beautiful stadiums

Forget the reports saying stadiums will not be finished or construction is not going to be accomplished right on time. The design of some hosting stadiums is going to be breathtaking architectural miracles. The Kazan Arena with the biggest definition screen ever invented outside the stadium, visible even for those coming from the air.

Spartak Stadium where The Spartacus Statue stands proudly just in front of the entrance and with stands close to the pitch, specially built for the highest pleasure of all footballing fans.

The Volgograd arena, so much history covered with a new interface. Once home to Rotor Volgograd, a team remembered by its bravery, ambition and most notably, the victory over Manchester United in the UEFA Cup 1995.

Passionate fans

Russia has one of the most passionate fans. The teams they belong are considered as a religion rather than a weekend getaway from home. However, with so much passion in one place, there is a question about the security of every foreign fan, coming to enjoy the footballing journey of his country. With Russians fans being the most violent in Euro 2016 in France, the primary scare is whether the passion will turn into violence.

Opportunity to grow

The World Cup will undoubtedly give a massive chance for football in Russia to expand even further.

The Russian Premier League have seen significant progress over the last years, luring foreign footballers in the names of Roberto Carlos, Hulk, Samuel Eto’o and many others, and is regularly having representatives in the final stages of European Competitions.

Hosting such a big footballing event will give a great example to foreign and domestic footballers, that Russia is ready to make the step forward and make Russian Premier League one of the most elite in the world.

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