English Premier League 2020 Top 4 Teams

Let's Look At English Premier League 2020 Top 4 Teams

English Premier League 2020 Top 4 Teams

The English Premier League usually offers many of the most attractive matches in the world football environment. In this season, we have witnessed a high level of competitiveness in this league. When the calendar has been played a little more than half, there is an intense fight to be among the 2020 English Premier League top 4 teams.


2020 English Premier League top teams


Awesome, this is the best adjective we can give to the extraordinary Jürgen Klopp's "Reds" 2019/2020 season. The previous season was excellent for them to the point of reaching the Champions League championship. But, this campaign promises to be even better. They march undefeated on the way to the Premier League championship, out leading Manchester City by 22 points. In 26 dates, they have achieved 76 of 78 possible points, with an average difference of goals in their favor per match of 1.77.

At the end of next month, Salah, Firmino, Maneh, and their mates could become the earliest champions in the history of the Premier League.


Manchester City

The current English Premier League champion has had an excellent performance during the current season. However, Liverpool's scorching pace has left the Guardiola's citizen club almost hopeless to repeat the title. With 54 points, the City has obtained 8 points less than what it had acquired last year to this date. He has also earned 15 points less than he had achieved two seasons ago at this point in the campaign. This suggests a performance decline for this club.

The improved "Foxes" and a new Chelsea


Leicester City

The "Foxes" seem to have recovered the level shown in 2016 when they were champions. Coach Brendan Rodgers managed to improve the team's strengths and minimize their deficiencies. Leicester City's 50 points place them in the third position of the standings. It is 4 points below Manchester City and 9 points above Chelsea. The 50 points they accumulate are 18 points more than what they had achieved at this same point in the last season.

The recent form of Leicester City tells us that in their previous eight games, they have conceded 1.50 goals per match. This is 50% more than its average in the current season.



The 2019/2020 Chelsea is a team with a new project led by its legend Frank Lampard. In this regard, we could say that they have done well. Chelsea is fighting against Tottenham for the fourth place that gives access to the Champions League. It surpasses the Spurs by only 1 point on date 26. Chelsea has 41 points, 9 of the third-place occupied by Leicester, and in an arduous struggle with the Tottenham to maintain his position.

On the 27th date, they will have a crucial confrontation in their aspirations to remain in Champions League positions when they receive the Mourinho's Spurs visit. Keep in mind that Chelsea is undefeated in 24 of their last 25 home games against Tottenham.

Other teams will seek to reach these greats, although all of them are one-step below in terms of performance.

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