Proven 2024 Strategies For Bet On Draw In Soccer

2024 Proven Strategies To Bet On Draw In Soccer

Proven 2024 Strategies For Bet On Draw In Soccer

How often are you, as a punter, likely to bet on Draw in soccer? The answer for most people is not often and, for some, never! A draw is when a soccer match ends without a winner. It happens either because there are no goals or because the two teams have scored similar purposes.

Bet on draw is part of the money line or 1X2 market. Predicting the outright winner of a football match is hard enough, but expecting that a game will end up as a draw is even more daunting. The prices set by bookmakers prove this notion. The Draw selection almost always offers higher prices than Home or Away wins. Out of every four matches in the Premier League, for example, only one ends as a draw. Does this mean that we should ignore the Draw bet? The answer is NO. This post provides strategies to help any punter make Draw predictions and enjoy this underutilized betting selection’s high-profit potential.

Take The Soccer Draw Bet In Tough Match-ups

There are matches of a specific profile that are generally a good option for a Draw bet. Teams in such games play in a very conservative and tactical way, mainly because the stakes are too high, and losing the match would cause significant damage to a team’s sporting objectives.

  • A good example is international matches. Matches between nations (rather than clubs) have a lot riding on them because every player wants to make their compatriots proud. In games like these, it’s evident that no player wants to make a mistake, and the chances of draw outcomes are pretty high, even for solid international teams.

  • Another example is soccer cup finals or teams involved in relegation fights. Just like internationals, there’s usually tension that can prevent players from genuinely expressing themselves from a sporting perspective.

  • A third example is where teams appear to be of relatively equal strength. A match like that has a high chance of ending as a stalemate.

Draws are hard to predict, but if there were a good situation to try a draw bet, it would be in the three scenarios above.

1. In-play Soccer Draw Bets

In-play betting is also known as live betting. It is a relatively new feature of established sportsbooks like SBOTOP, which allows a punter to place bets during a sporting event rather than pre-match. In-play betting has apparent advantages over regular betting because there’s a host of new information available to a punter during a game that would otherwise never be discernible. Take the flow of a contest, for instance. A team that, during pre-match analysis, was expected to dominate their opponent during the match may not achieve that for some reason. By watching the game, an analytical punter may be able to read that flow and sense how likely or unlikely the match is to end as a draw. Another scenario is where bookmakers allow punters to bet on sections of a game rather than the whole match. For instance, Manchester United could lead Fulham 2-0 by the 70th minute. A punter watching this game may be able to sense whether the match will have any more goals scored or not. If not, the game should end 2-0, and betting a Draw on the rest of the match would be a prudent selection.

2. Less Competitive Leagues

Specific competitions in soccer have more drawn matches than others. Most of the time, these are lesser-known leagues than the Champions League, Premier League, La Liga, or “crème de la crème” of the soccer world. To capitalize on the compelling draw prices offered by most bookmakers, it pays to take an interest in these leagues where it is easier to successfully pick and predict matches with draws at full time. A good example in 2022 is the Ugandan Premier League, where roughly half of the games are stalemates. The Iranian Pro League is a good choice, too, with its 44.68% draw percentage. Generally speaking, lower leagues are likelier to have plenty of games that end as draws.


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