Players Reviews: Trent Alexander-Arnold

Trent Alexander-Arnold - Melwood Grandmaster

Players Reviews: Trent Alexander-Arnold

In football, some positions attract much more attention than others. However, nothing compares to the strikers, the goals they score, and their fame. However, football has evolved a lot in recent years, and the dynamics within the field of play have also developed to the point that today every position has been reformulated. Thus, some players stand out impressively without being midfielders or attackers. The way football is played today opens the doors for defensive players or full-backs to acquire the level of notoriety that was unthinkable in the past. In this sense, Liverpool is a team that knows the importance of playing open football. They have a fluid and balanced game that provides power and solidity in every position. For years, Liverpool has been a very offensive team. But that hasn't limited him from having great defensive players. So, at just 23 years old, the young Trent Alexander-Arnold has become one of the necessary and emblematic players of the team led by the German coach, Jurgen Klopp. But, Trent Alexander-Arnold posits a very different type of player who has established himself at Liverpool since his arrival.

Trent Alexander-Arnold Revolutionizes Liverpool

Even though he's a defender, his ability to play on the wings sets him apart from the competition. Indeed, he is capable of combining defensive and offensive skills. Even he participated in many scoring plays, either scoring or providing assists. His mobility in the field is impressive because he is an atypical player. For being a defender, he does not have the usual physical strength. But, to have the offensive capacity that he does have, he is not as fast as a natural attacker or full back usually is. So, what makes Trent Alexander-Arnold the great player that he is? The answer may sound simple, but it is not: he does everything right.

That is his secret. He is a complete player. He doesn't need to be very fast because his ball control is formidable, and his passing is unbeatable. He doesn't need to have a lot of physical strength to defend because he knows how to steal balls and anticipate rivals' moves. This way of playing, in which he balances offense and defense without neglecting either, has begun to change the mentality of many coaches. They see Trent as the representation of the future of football. One of the virtues of this player is his powerful shot from long range, with which he has scored many goals.

Furthermore, his knowledge and skill to plan the game are pretty astounding. Changing the rhythm, creating offensive plays, making assists, scoring goals, anticipating attacks, and making solo plays are many virtues for a player of just 23 years. Trent is already a vital member of the England national squad at the international level. Moreover, he is the kind of talent that Liverpool will surely try to secure for a long time. And maybe yes, he is the future of British football.

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