Proven Strategies For Accumulator Bet

Six Proven Strategies For Accumulator Bet

Proven Strategies For Accumulator Bet

An acca wager culminates two or more bets rolled into a single chance. A punter must accurately predict all the results in an acca to win an accumulator bet. Even a single wrong prediction and a punter stand to lose the entire bet. An example of an accumulator bet includes a 1x2 stake on a game between Manchester City and Everton and an Asian handicap wager on a match between Arsenal and Derby.

6 Strategies For Acca Bets

Some of the essential strategies punters should consider when making accumulator wagers are the following:

1. Length Of Acca

The length of an acca or accumulator bet directly impacts the probability of winning or losing the bet, the level of risk, and the potential payout on winning the bet. The length of any accumulator starts with at least two or more games combined into a single wager called an accumulator. A punter doesn’t need to set a fixed upper limit of games as part of the acca wager. A punter can select two or more games as a maximum for an Acca wager. If the length of the acca is too long (more than ten games), then a punter has a lower probability of winning the acca. If the punter should win a long acca, then the punter can win a significant profit on the back of a small wager.

2. Type Of Acca

Punters have access to different types of accumulator wagers, including regular or plain accumulator wagers, mixed accumulator wagers, league accumulators, or specific access. The kind of acca places other conditions to participate in and win the selected acca wager. Each type of acca also comes with varied odds, probability of winning, and profits. For example, a mixed accumulator bet requires a punter to place a bet on at least two types of sports combined in the Acca wager.

3. Amount To Wager

The amount to wager on any given acca wager may seem subjective. However, a punter must consider the level of risk they’re willing to undertake. In most long Acca wagers, punters can place a $10 chance and make close to millions depending on the types of bets in the acca. However, putting a $10 wager week-in and week-out isn’t a profitable betting strategy. A punter could still lose every week because the probability of winning a long acca is low. A punter needs to consider using accumulator wagers along with other types of bets with lower risk and reward.

4. Probability Of Winning

If a punter places several wagers on different games with a low probability of winning a high profit, then such an accumulator will also share the same characteristics. Alternatively, a punter can place a wager on outcomes with a high probability of winning a small amount and have a higher likelihood of also winning the acca wager. Generally, accumulator wagers are some of the most complicated bets to predict.

5. Key Statistics

Punters can utilize critical statistics such as making wagers on the home team since the home team wins more than 33% of the time in the Premier League while the away team wins less than 25% of the time. Key statistics are fundamental in making more informed betting decisions and help a punter become more accurate and consistent in the long run. Using statistics and statistical software to make accumulator wagers can help a punter scan through thousands of stakes and select the most profitable or undervalued bets.

6. When Not To Use Acca

Not making or using an accumulator bet is also a profitable punter strategy. By understanding different situations, punters become adept at knowing when to make an accumulator bet and when the conditions for making an accumulator bet don’t make sense. For example, if a punter only chooses to make acca wagers, then a punter is likely to lose small amounts of money regularly while winning rarely.


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