Five footballers whose careers ended due to horrible injuries

5 Footballers Whose Careers Ended Due To Horrible Injuries

Five footballers whose careers ended due to horrible injuries

Fact: Sports professionals career last for around 15 – 20 years.

It simply depends on the sport, position and physical performance of each player, but most of them, the dream of having at least 15 years where they can get the most out of it. Football is one of the sports where participants are directly exposed to hard challenges and physical contact, so getting throughout a career without being injured at least once is unimaginable.

There are the minor ones, where players get back in a week or two and then, there are bigger injuries which could be followed up with surgeries and lengthy period of recovery.

However, some of them could be so gruesome, that could even end up a player’s career, no matter their age.

We look at five footballers whose careers ended due to horrible injuries:

Abou Diaby

‘’The man made of glass’’ was only at the peak of his footballing years when he suffered his first, in a series of horror injuries throughout his career. Only 19 and freshly signed from Marseille, Arsene Wenger decided to give him some minutes at the end of a game against Sunderland. It was 0:3 for Arsenal and out of nowhere, one of Sunderland footballers put up a horrific sliding tackle, directly on the ankle of Abou Diaby. It is described as one of the worst sliding tackles ever, and it certainly was the pivotal one out of all his injuries, forcing Diaby to give up and hang up his boots, some years later.

Luc Nilis

The perfect partner for strikers like Ronaldo and Van Nistelrooy at PSV and a player that could have achieved so much more, hadn’t there’ve been the injuries.

After a couple of exciting years at the Eredivisie champions, Nilis signed for Aston Villa, and The Villans were buzzing to see such a player joining their ranks.

Sadly, after only three games, he suffered a double compound fracture on his right leg after a collision with the Ipswich goalkeeper.

Numbers of surgeries were required, and there were even reports of him suffering an amputation on his leg. Thankfully, the doctors saved him from that, but it was clear he had to hang up his boots too soon. A moment that ruined his career.

Ronaldo O Fenomeno

Yeah, you read that write. O Fenomeno could have been the best player to ever walk on this planet if it wasn’t for the injuries. While playing at Inter, in the peak of his career, he suffered his first serious injury against Lecce. He needed six months to recover fully, and he worked hard for it.

Minutes into his returning debut against Lazio, O Fenomeno fractured his right leg while attempting his trademark dribble. He was never the same player after that.

Despite being able to recover and even play for Real Madrid for four more years, Ronaldo was ruined by a devastating moment; even he describes it as the worst moment of his life.

David Busst

The Coventry City defender was only two minutes into Manchester United game at Old Trafford when Busst collided with Denis Irwin, suffering a fracture on three different areas of his right leg.

The injury is known as the most brutal to ever been shown on television, while Manchester United Peter Smeichel apparently vomited after seeing the incident from a couple of meters. Busst immediately ended his career after that moment. A moment that changed his life forever.

Ryan Mason

A promising young talent who made it through the youth ranks of Tottenham Hotspur. He chooses Hull City to be his next club and sadly it was the last one he has ever played professionally for.

After adjusting himself as an inevitable part of the squad, everything seems to go according to plan for this young man.

However, one moment changed his life forever. During a Premier League match against Chelsea, Mason clash headed with defender Gary Cahill with high intensity and suffered a fractured skull.

The injury required surgery, and he went through a process of long rehabilitation. However, after solid advice from doctors to end his time on the football grounds, Mason choose to hang up his boots, even though he was just 27 at the time.

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