Asian Handicap Soccer Betting Strategies

Introducing Asian Handicap Soccer Betting Strategies

Asian Handicap Soccer Betting Strategies

If you’re only a recreational bettor, then you’re probably content with just focusing on whoever wins or loses a game. However, for those who’re aspiring to be the most efficient sports punters they can be, it’s important to know a few complex betting strategies. One of these betting systems is the Asian Handicap.

Asian Handicap Betting – Everything You Need To Know

The basic premise of Asian Handicap is simple: the point spread betting system deducts goals from stronger teams, giving them a negative handicap. In the same vein, it awards the same number of goals deducted from the stronger team to the weaker team. This gives the weaker team a virtual goal advantage over the stronger team before they even get on the pitch. For the most part, Asian Handicap betting operates like a standard handicap system. However, the main difference between these betting strategies reveals itself in the event that the virtual scoreline is a draw at the end of the game. As standard handicap offers the “Draw” betting option, a bettor loses if they didn’t specifically wager on a draw. But, because this same option isn’t available with Asian Handicap, you get your stake back if a match ends in a tie!

Top Asian Handicap Betting Strategies To Try

If you’re considering using Asian Handicap betting in your next game, some awesome strategies worth considering are:

The Asian Handicap In-Play System

Using Asian Handicap betting during in-play game events has the major advantage of offering you far higher odds as well as broadening your wagering opportunities. But, because these are bets that you take from the beginning of a game to the very end, you need to be able to watch the match live so that you can make the most informed decisions.

The Asian Handicap Arbitrage System

Many bettors favor this particular betting strategy because it guarantees you a win, regardless of what the scoreline reads at the end of the match. This Asian Handicap betting system can achieve that thanks to the fact that it allows you to place multiple bets on various outcomes. The one possible drawback of the Asian Handicap Arbitrage strategy is that it doesn’t offer huge wins.

The 1st Half Asian Handicap System

As the name suggests, this variation of Asian Handicap betting allows you to take action on the results of the first half of a game. So, used to the best effect, you could increase your profit margin considerably with this technique. With that said, it’s vital to note that 1st Half Asian Handicap betting is a highly exotic system and so requires considerable experience to successfully pull off.

Bottom Line

The truth of the matter is that there’s still no perfect Asian Handicap score. However, we at SoccerTipsters can help you come as close as it gets with our on-point and timely match predictions. Our high accuracy tips not only ensure that you win big but also spare you the rigors of having to stress over minor details when placing a bet.

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