Betting On Underdogs In Cup Competitions

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Betting On Underdogs In Cup Competitions

Every single football match has a favorite to win and an underdog. This is where one team has an advantage over the other. Sometimes this discrepancy isn't too apparent, but at other times, one team is superior. But when it comes to betting, betting on the favorite is clearly the way to go, right? They're the safer option, but this also means lower odds and lower profits. While betting on the underdogs is a lot riskier, it's also a lot more profitable. So should you bet on the underdogs the next time you bet?

Betting On Underdogs

We're not going to lie, betting on the underdogs is incredibly risky. There is a high chance of them losing and all the odds are against them. Why would anyone in their right mind stake their money on a side that is expected to lose? But then again, successful underdog bets are incredibly profitable. Plus, what's a good wager without a little bit of risk, right?

Given how unpredictable soccer is, an underdog can snatch the win anytime. One small slip up can change everything, as victory could be just a goal away. Here's how you could go about betting on the underdogs without burning a hole in your pocket.


1. Don't follow public opinion

The general public will always support the obvious choice - the more popular team of the two. This includes any face-off with obvious favorites with large followings such as Manchester United, Barcelona, PSG. But these teams aren't perfect, and they do falter. Just take a look at Manchester City's Premier League run. Last season, their performance was near perfect, and everyone expected them to dominate the competition this time around absolutely.

Despite having widespread support, right off the bat, they lost against Norwich City much to everyone's disbelief. Everyone expected an easy win for Manchester City, but Norwich came out on top. All those people who bet on them would have been ecstatic, and a lot richer than they were before they placed their best.  


2. Hedge your bets

You want to back the underdog, but you also think that doing so is too risky? It's reasonable to be hesitant with betting. You have a lot to lose. One way around this is to hedge your bets – to place a bet on multiple outcomes different from your original bet.

This way, regardless of the actual outcome, you will make a profit. Hedging depends on the movements of odds. If you find that the odds drift or shorten after a lay or a back bet, it would be the perfect opportunity to hedge your bets.  


3. Arbitrage betting

Another way to guarantee a profit while backing the underdogs is through arbitrage betting. This strategy makes use of the difference in odds provided by different bookmakers, as opposed to odds movements. All you would need is more than multiple accounts with multiple sportsbooks.

You would have to back the underdogs with one bookmaker, and back the favorite to win with the other bookmaker. If you do this right and stake the right amount of money on each option based on expected profits, you will be left with a profit irrespective of what happens.

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