Guide To Bet On Odd And Even Goal Number

How To Bet On Odd And Even Goal Number?

Guide To Bet On Odd And Even Goal Number

There are many types of strategies in sports betting depending on the sport and the bettor's attitude towards risk. Some of them are more complex than others. This time, we will show you a strategy to bet on odd and even amounts of goals in football.

What Are Odd And Even bets?

The odd or even bet is straightforward. This type of bet refers to the number of goals in a football match. It may be the number of goals scored in one half or the other of the match or the totals for the match. We can find this type of bet not only in football. Also, it is possible to bet if the result will end in an odd or even number in other sports. In this betting market, you simply have to bet that the final number of scores in a match will be an odd or even number.

Tips for Betting Odd / Even Total Goals

As with any strategy, it is necessary to carry out a preliminary analysis of the events in which we will invest our money. This way, we can increase our success chances.

  • Study the competition and the game: It must be clear that not all football competitions are the same. Therefore, there will be tournaments whit more or fewer goals on average per game. On the other hand, it is essential to know the teams that will face each other. You must review their recent results' dynamics. In addition, you should analyze how they perform when facing each other, which will give us a pattern about how many goals are usually scored in these games. Besides, you could know if they use to obtain even or odd results.
  • The previous experience about the event: Having experience when betting on a sporting event can be beneficial. Knowing the competition details gives us extra information that, sometimes, bookmakers do not take into account.
  • Data analysis: We can increase our chances of hitting odd/even bets. In principle, as there are two possible options, this forecast's percentage of success is 50% for each event (even and odd). However, by carrying out a preliminary study of the competition and the teams, it is possible to increase one of the options. In this way, the bettors' winning chances would be higher than those of the bookmaker.

A clear advantage of this type of bet is that the bookies generally offer good odds that are always close to 1.80. This value is quite good for a single bet with at least a 50% winning chance. Another reason for betting on this market is the excitement of not knowing what can happen with this bet. Probably, if you are an emotional bettor, you will prefer to wager in this type of betting market. Within the normal betting activity, the odd and even goal markets are not usually the most popular. Most bettors tend to ignore this type of betting market. However, it can be very beneficial if we learn to use it in our favor, creating a specific strategy.

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