Betting Methods To Beat The Bookies

Secret Betting Methods To Beat The Bookies

Betting Methods To Beat The Bookies

When it comes to betting, the bookmaker almost always has the upper hand over its customers the majority of the time. But you don’t want to fall into this category. You’re better than that. But they control the odds, and therefore, your payouts. As a punter, your primary goal is to make a profit, and the only way you can do this is by outsmarting them and beating the bookies at their own game.

Beat The Bookies

Are there any secret methods you can use to beat the bookies? Here are a few basic ones right from hedging to backing the right team, that will help you make winning bets and beat the bookies.


1. Hedging

How can you make sure that you make a profit no matter what the outcome of a match is? By betting on all the options, of course. This may sound a little implausible, but hear us out. This method essentially makes use of odds movements. Odds move all the time due to various reasons such as situational changes or new information. Let’s say that you find that the odds have shortened after you back a team to win. This provides the perfect opportunity for hedging. You lay the same bet with the same bookmaker. This way, you are pretty much guaranteed a profit. You need to make sure that the payout you receive from any one of these bets will be more than the loss that is bound to occur. This can be done by calculating your expected profits based on the odds provided and balancing the two out.   


2. Bet against the crowd

Bookies are all incredibly smart individuals and are notorious for tweaking the odds to their benefit. They are known to sometimes set the odds in a way that they think most of the public will think. The problem is – that might not be true. Let’s say that a widely popular team like Chelsea plays against a team that is just as skilled, but not as popular, Ajax, for instance. Chelsea, having a larger following will most likely get more back bets than Ajax. Some bookmakers will capitalize on this by giving Chelsea low odds. Now most punters trust a bookmaker’s predictions. They are experts after all. With only a small minority betting on Ajax, the bookmakers make a good profit if at the end of the day if Chelsea loses. The point is, you shouldn’t always trust the public opinion and it pays to back the underdog sometimes.


3. Back the home team

Do you often find yourself struggling which team to back because they’re so evenly matched in terms of skill? Quick tip – you should always bet on the home team in such a situation. Playing in your home town is highly advantageous. The team is familiar with the atmosphere, they’ve practiced there tons of times. They haven’t had to travel hundreds of miles which means that they are better rested and more alert. And what’s more – they have the support of thousands of passionate fans who want nothing more than to see them win. A 2017 analysis of the previous 5 seasons of 64 different leagues found that the home teams won 47% of the time.  This while the team not playing at home only won 29% of the time. So when in doubt, go home.

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