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SoccerTipsters came back to life in 2010 when the soccer tipping industry was still in their infancy on the World Wide Web.

We started out as a free soccer tips provider, fortified with bookmaker reviews and a small forum that became one of the most successful on the web.

Back then, we had no idea that the website would be so popular and so many punters would rely on our expertise and services for their free soccer tips.

The site grew out of our passion for football prediction, and it soon became our primary job.

There are many websites out there offering the latest soccer tips, but not all of them can provide the same quality as we do.

Thanks for your constant support that makes our website so popular, not only can we maintain a high-quality business in soccer tipping, we are also now one of the leading authorities when it comes to soccer tips verification.

However, with the recent number of scams online, we have to admit that it's become increasingly challenging for us to vet through these scammers.

These scammers appear on the internet daily, and punters who are liaising with tipsters have no way of verifying the information that they are receiving whether it's correct or not.

Practically, anyone could appear on the site and claim excellent results from their pro soccer predictions, but punters wouldn’t have the ability to verify those results.

Not everything is impossible though, with more effort put into the cause of protecting our users, which leads us to assure our punters that their peace of mind for us to be responsible about so that they receive only the highest quality service available to them.”

When a punter subscribes to a service through our website, they have our guarantee that they are safe. These services are verified using our system, which uses our database and records so that you can be secured in the hands of a professional tipping service provider.

We want the best soccer tips predictions on our website so that we are the tool that every punter uses when they are looking to make an informed decision on their daily soccer predictions.

When you pay for a soccer tip, make sure you are getting quality information for the money you spend. The tipster company you choose should always be independently monitored by a third party so you can trust the profit claims they are making. If they cannot prove their record as a tipster, then you should question their authority.

Over the years, the Internet has proliferated and because of that many different paid soccer prediction sites have appeared. Scam websites are becoming a menace, and our tipsters are looking for reassurance that the services they are looking at are legitimate.

The way to give punters this reassurance is with a third party independent system, and that is what we can do for you.”

Once you become a tipster with us and you enter your details onto our website your service will be accredited. This means you can use our tipster panel and record your results, showing the punters that are your potential new customers that you are running a legitimate soccer tips business.

Our database's interface is clean and user-friendly, so your customers can quickly understand what you have to offer and make an informed decision about your service.

There are two critical elements to our records table; the first ensures your work is legitimate and the second shows the information in a transparent, straightforward manner to the punters allowing them to see what your service is all about quickly.

SoccerTipsters is here to help punters get the best soccer tips on the internet. If you ever need our assistance or you would like to make a suggestion, contact us anytime, anyday. We are here to help!

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