Evolution Of Football In The Last 10 Years Under Pep Guardiola

The Evolution Of Football In The Last 10 Years Under Pep Guardiola

Evolution Of Football In The Last 10 Years Under Pep Guardiola

Football has changed over the last few decades. In fact, in the 90s, the trend was utilizing a tall striker or number 9, and the players in midfield would play long balls to the striker. The striker would then hold up play and wait for support to arrive and try to play a one-two to break inside the opponent’s defensive line. This was about to change when short and fast players were used as strikers.

Barcelona had an undefeated squad managed by Pep Guardiola since he took over in 2008. He managed to transform an already lethal team to best in the world. Pep Guardiola saw how he could utilize a different striker to match his playing style.

So the typical striker from the last century was slowly being replaced by a False 9 or False Nueve. The tall striker called poacher stood at 190-195 cm and can recover the ball using just his body started to disappear from the pitch, and other important clubs in Europe started dabbling with these changes.

The Catalan Manager also managed to win the triplet in 2009 with Messi, Villa, Xavi, Iniesta, etc. the core players around which the squad was built.

How And What Did He Change Tactically?

Pep Guardiola was plying his trade as an assistant manager under the stewardship of Johan Cruyff, the master of football coaching for FC Barcelona during the 90s and early 2000s. Cruyff was also a formidable player on a pitch during his playing days.

Although Barcelona just won the Champions League in 2006 with an almost invincible squad, the team lost several matches in the following two campaigns which forced the board to reevaluate the club’s management. Pep Guardiola stepped in and changed the way we saw FC Barcelona play football. It was more fluid, attacking and involved holding a lot of possession in the opponent’s half of the pitch.

An attack is effectively always the best form of defense. Barcelona employed continuous passing and possession tactics to create space behind the opponent’s defending line.

The fast-paced striker or false 9 or wingers would join the attack as well. This ensured Barcelona winning two consecutive Champions League finals and the rise of Messi as the best footballer player in the world.

Premier League

In the summer of 2016, Josep was appointed as the Club manager for Manchester City football club on a 3-year contract. This was right after a 3-year term with Bayern Munchen which included several domestic titles and 3 Bundesliga's. Pundits were quoted saying “he will not win anything in England, his football style doesn’t suit the Premier League.”

He needed a year to adjust to the pace of the League. However, the 2016-17 season ended with no trophies. The successive year ended with a Carabao Cup and a Premier League title altogether.

Fact: Pep Guardiola was fined by the FA in 2017-18 for wearing a colored ribbon in support of a free Catalonia.

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