Mastering Correct Score Odds Stacking Techniques

How To Stack Correct Score Odds Like a Pro

Mastering Correct Score Odds Stacking Techniques

Football or soccer bettors will have you know that the beauty of betting in this space – aside from the fantastic payouts it offers, of course – is in the vast array of markets open to you here. And they’re right! That’s why we’ll share vital tips on cash in one of these many money zones – the correct score market. Here’s all you need to know!

1. Consider Odds Over Chance

It Is Value Betting 101. As most sportsbooks will set their wagers based more on the chances of each team winning rather than the precise scoreline by which they do so, this is an opportunity to make money just waiting to be exploited! A classic example is a scoreline commonly observed in most English Premier League (EPL) games.


Score Line

Frequency of Occurrence (in Percentage)


0 – 0



0 – 1



0 – 2



2 – 2



1 – 2



1 – 0



2 – 0



2 – 1



1 – 1



2. Find Your Preferred Scoreline Type

When accurately predicting correct scoreline odds, you have one of two choices. You can either choose to bet on smaller score lines or more extensive score lines. More prominent score lines afford you a bigger payout, but you have a higher chance of scoring a win with smaller score lines. Plus, smaller score lines can offer you better value if you know how to use them properly. As such, you are wagering on a smaller scoreline that can drastically increase your success rate while simultaneously adding something tangible to your bankroll.

3. Consider Taking Advantage Of The Bore Draw Refund Option

More and more, leading betting platforms like SBOtop to offer the Bore Draw Refund feature, a function you would do well to leverage, especially if you plan on getting the best out of betting on smaller score lines. The Bore Draw Refund can be a real lifesaver because, when you’re expecting just one goal from a sure match, one of the worst things that could happen is that the game ends in a goalless draw. But when you have this feature to rely on, you’ll get your bet refunded if this happens!

4. Explore Your Options Extensively

Bookies aren’t dumb, so they’re on to the various tricks you can use in accurately predicting a correct scoreline, especially if you plan to operate in major competitions like the EPL, Serie A, or La Liga. However, you can still get an advantage here if you find lesser-known domestic leagues in countries that offer low-scoring matches. However, you need the bookie to cover such lower league action. You can check out the long list of domestic leagues we offer odds for here!

Bottom Line

As with everything in the sports betting industry, nothing happens overnight. You must keep at this if you want to get the desired results.



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