5 Top BIG Match Players In The History of Football

Five Top BIG Match Players In The History of Football

5 Top BIG Match Players In The History of Football

Ever noticed how some football players are having a nightmare of a season and then POOF, out of nowhere they go out and put on a man of the match performance against a rival, some crucial game or a final.

Well, here are top football players of this kind:

Dirk Kuyt

One of the most underrated players of all time and yet a player any manager would want on his team.

The blond Dutchman, never impressed with his technique, nor had any magical tricks in his pocket. However, his ability to find the right pass and his cool finish whenever the opportunity arises put him in number 5 on our list.

Kuyt scored numerous of crucial goals for all of the clubs he played for, but the hat-trick for Liverpool against Manchester United in 2010 is a moment that will stick to our memories for a long time.

Diego Milito

One of the most legendary goal scorers in the history of football, Diego Milito’s eye for goal could be spotted from a very young age when he was a member of Racing Club in Argentina.

Despite struggling to find the back of the net, at times even for 10 or more matches, Diego was always a player for big games.

His CV includes goals against top clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico from his time at Zaragoza, Milan, Juventus, Bayern Munich and many others while he was playing at Genoa and Inter under Jose Mourinho.

Diego scored a brace in the Champions League final against Bayern Munich in 2010 and as a result, won UEFA Forward and Player of the year.

Unlike many modern players, Diego Milito was quiet and humble, and that’s why he remained one of the most underrated but deadliest players of all times.

Park Ji-Sung

His limited playing time at Manchester United didn’t stop him from terrorizing rivals and big teams.

Park Ji-Sung was your classic big match player.

He knew that his position, the defensive winger would require much more focusing on defense and much less going forward. However, even in those circumstances, an opportunity would arise, and it might not come again, so you have to take it.

While at Manchester United, Park Ji-Sung scored against Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and was regularly scoring against Arsenal. Oh, he loved to play against the Goners.

A sturdy, hard-working midfielder who always put himself in the right spot at the right time.

Classic big match player.

Thomas Muller

While Thomas Muller is on an excellent way to become one of Bayern Munich top scorers of all time, there is still some doubt over his footballing talent.

However, when it comes to the big games, there’s little doubt about his ability to perform.

Muller has scored against all the top teams his club faced over the years, but most memorable must be the first leg of the semi-final of the 2012/13 Champions League against Barcelona.

Thomas Muller netted a brace and added one assist in a 4-0 victory, giving Barcelona their toughest defeat in all European Competitions.

He also played a vital part in the successes of his country, Germany.

Muller has a golden boot and a couple of nominations for WC or EURO top 11 to his name. His memorable moment would be the hat-trick in a 4-0 victory against Portugal in World Cup 2014.

Steven Gerrard

Okay, before we start, we know that Steve G is a Liverpool legend and can’t be compared to the players listed above, but for a player who only scored 120 goals in 504 appearances, he certainly deserves the trophy for a big match player and here’s why!

He was not your regular top scorer, he was not the highest converter, but he sure knew how to win big games.

Despite, finishing his career without a Premier League trophy to his name, Gerrard helped Liverpool to win The Champions League, FA Cup, UEFA Super Cup, League Cup and The Europa League.

Steve G loved scoring in the Merseyside derby against Everton; he also scored crucial goals against Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid in different competitions. He always pulled off a magic, even when his team was playing bad.

However, his best moment was scoring a brace in the Champions League final at Istanbul against AC Milan, leading his team to a comeback after trailing 3:0 at half-time.

Without a doubt, Steven Gerrard is our top pick for a big match player.

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