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Author Filter : Arnaldo Brito

Author Filter : Arnaldo Brito

Sadio Mané - Example Of Honor And Humility

May 28,2022 by Arnaldo Brito

There is something about Sadio Mané that surpasses all his achievements on the pitch: his humility.

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Footballer Reviews / Club Reviews

Carles Gil - Nacho

January 31,2022 by Arnaldo Brito

Amongst the positive aspects that the New England Revolution left this season, without a doubt, there is the return to the field of its captain, Spanish Carles Gil.

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Footballer Reviews

Gareth Bale - The Highest Ranked Footballer In The UK

July 31,2021 by Arnaldo Brito

Review Gareth Bale statistics and achievements to realize that he is the highest-ranked footballer in the UK

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Betting Help / Sports Betting

Learn Why Should You Avoid Parlays

June 25,2021 by Arnaldo Brito

Sportsbooks encourage bettors to make these parlays. But have you ever wondered why bookies invite punters to place parlay bets?

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Betting Guide

How Do You Know If You Are Addicted To Sports Betting?

June 05,2021 by Arnaldo Brito

Sports betting has multiplied in recent years in the same way addiction to them has. We can use the terms gambling addiction, or ludopathy to name this dangerous situation.

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Premier League / Footballer Reviews / Club Reviews

Premier League 2019/2020 - Best Goal Partnership

December 29,2020 by Arnaldo Brito

During the Premier League's 2019/2020 season, several teams have managed to assemble scoring duets whose productivity has resulted in victories and draws for their teams.

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Betting Guide / Betting Help / Betting Strategy

Different Betting Trends In Different Soccer Leagues

December 01,2020 by Arnaldo Brito

Following we present some interesting betting trends classified by betting market and league.

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Betting Trends

2020 Spain La Liga Betting Trends

July 20,2020 by Arnaldo Brito

If you're looking to increase your chances of success when betting, you must know the 2020 Spain La Liga betting trends.

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Betting Help / Betting Strategy

What to Watch Out For When Betting On Sports in 2021

June 22,2020 by Arnaldo Brito

A true sports fan is always attentive to the occasion of enjoying the great sporting events of each year. Let's see now what to watch out for when betting on sports in 2021.

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Soccer League Preview / Club Reviews

Top Ranking Team - Benevento Calcio In Italy Serie B 2020

June 11,2020 by Arnaldo Brito

Benevento Calcio has only played for one season in the Italian top-flight league, Serie A. Filippo Inzaghi, currently manage the club.

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Sports Industry Preview / Sports Betting

The Secrets To Making Money On Sports Betting In Indonesia

April 20,2020 by Arnaldo Brito

There are many ways of gambling in Indonesia. Although these are not 100% legal, you will see here some secrets about how to make money on sports betting in Indonesia.

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Betting Guide / Betting Help / Betting Strategy / Sports Betting

SoccerTipsters Blog | Staking Methods

February 26,2020 by Arnaldo Brito

In this article we will tell you about a couple of different staking methods as well as when and how you should use them.

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Crotone Performance in 2019/20 Italy Serie B

January 23,2020 by Arnaldo Brito

Crotone is currently ranking at the number 2 place in the Serie B table. They have played 14 games and have won 6 of them.

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Betting Guide / Betting Help / Betting Strategy / Betting System / Sports Betting

SoccerTipsters Blog | Betting Systems Based On Statistical Analysis

January 09,2020 by Arnaldo Brito

Betting systems are there to protect you from streaks of losses and reward you winning streaks. Checkout this article to learn betting systems based on statistical analysis.

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