Carles Gil Player Reviews

Carles Gil - Nacho

Carles Gil Player Reviews

What began as an incredible year for the New England Revolution ended in a dramatic nightmare, when New York eliminated them in the playoffs. New England was the best team in all of MLS during the regular season, with an offense as impressive as its defense. Nevertheless, they could not reach the long-awaited final, and again the league's title is gone. New England's season was the best in 26 years, with a record of points scored and total dominance against rival teams, which is why those led by Bruce Arena find it so painful to have been eliminated from the MLS final. Amongst the positive aspects that the New England Revolution left this season, without a doubt, there is the return to the field of its captain, Spanish Carles Gil. He had an epic performance throughout the season and was the main reason why New England calmly mastered the first phase.

Carles Gil: The Great NE Revolution Captain

After an intense injury, Carles Gil returned this season to show his full potential and command the New England Revolution to have a great performance. Indeed, Gil was named Comeback of the Year. Carles Gil participated in many of the offensive plays of his team that ended in a goal. He was a leader who knew how to generate attacks organizing strategies and made the highest number of assists in the league (18). But, the history of the player Carles Gil has not been easiest. On the contrary, it has been full of challenges and ups and downs. He always was trying to be recognized for his effort. So, his arrival in New England has meant paying years of struggle and effort.

Carles Gil is an offensive player. Despite being a technical player, he has a great vision of the game and an enviable creative capacity. His passes are his great weapon. Gil is an expert making short, long, and open-field passes, always anticipating the location of one of the Revolution's attackers. This way of playing, of being a generator of goal plays, allows it to be the key to the team's entire offensive. This is summarized by explaining that when Carles Gil scored a goal or gave an assist, New England won 12 times. This gives a clear idea of Gil's importance for the team. Because he is a player who unbalances rivals, and he can change the entire dynamics of a match with one single play. Also, he is a player who takes many fouls, and he is a great free-throw kicker. However, the season for Carles and his teammates is over. Despite all their effort, they could not get the championship.

At least, for Carles Gil, there remains the satisfaction of being one of the best players in the MLS. Therefore, all the possibilities remain open so that next season may be the one that finally leads them to win the long-awaited championship. The New England brave captain will face another challenge, and he will be up to the task.

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