Current Top Ranking Team - Benevento Calcio in Italy Serie B

Top Ranking Team - Benevento Calcio In Italy Serie B 2020

Current Top Ranking Team - Benevento Calcio in Italy Serie B

The current Serie B top ranking team, Benevento Calcio was founded in the year 1929 as Associazione Calcio Benevento. They were able to reach the third highest football league in Italy in 1934. They played well that season but did not book a spot in the Serie B then. The original club folded in 2005, but this gave birth to another team, Benevento Calcio S.p.A and they were wearing the same kit as well as using the same stadium of the previous team.

The team has only played for one season in the Italian top-flight league, Serie A. Former Italian and AC Milan striker and legend, Filippo Inzaghi, currently manage the club. The club's colors are red and yellow.

2019/2020 Benevento's Team Top Ranking Performance

In the Italian Serie B performance this season, Benevento Calcio stats show they are performing excellent overall, this places them at the number one spot in the Serie B table. In this sense, they have won 9 games, draws 4, and lost only 1 match, with a goal difference of +12. They have won 64% of their total matches scoring 20 goals this season while has conceded eight.

Benevento Calcio is performing great at home. Up to date, they are achieving 2.71 points per game, on average. Besides, as hosts, they have scored 13 goals in seven matches conceding only 2. Furthermore, Benevento Calcio boats of a solid defensive line. In fact, Benevento Calcio is the only team with less than 10 goals conceded in the season, and they concede a goal every 157,5 minutes. On the other hand, they played 2 club friendly games at the beginning of the season which they defeated Napoli and Fiorentina. As well, they have played 1 match in Coppa Italia, which they fall by 3:4 before Monza.

If you review the Benevento Calcio team players' individual stats, you won't find any that stand out from their peers. This indicates that the excellent season of this team is a product of teamwork and speaks very well about its Manager work.

Benevento Calcio Betting Statistics For Serie B 2019/20

There are a lot of popular sport betting trends and statistics associated with this team. Here you will see some of the most interesting:

  • On average, Benevento Calcio has scored 1.43 goals per match and conceded 0.57, so their average total goals per match are two.
  • There have been scored 2 goals or less in 86% of Benevento Calcio matches.
  • If you are going to play against Benevento Calcio as a visitor, you will suffer to score. This team has left their goal at zero in 71% of their home games, and 64% of their total games this season.
  • When it comes to half-time outcomes, the Benevento's team is undefeated in its seven games at home (5-2-0) and in 6 of its 7 away matches (1-5-1).
  • The Benevento Calcio matches' percentage where both teams scored is 29%.

Final Note

The top Ranking team Benevento Calcio has played outstandingly well this season. Mainly, they have based their success on being very strong at home and having an excellent defense. So, if they keep up with their current form, they will go ahead to win the league and be promoted to Serie A again.

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