Addicted To Sports Betting

How Do You Know If You Are Addicted To Sports Betting?

Addicted To Sports Betting

Sports betting has multiplied in recent years in the same way addiction to them has. We can use the terms gambling addiction, or ludopathy to name this dangerous situation. It is a severe disorder, which can lead to graves financial and social problems.

How Do I Know If I Have A Sports Betting Addiction?

Betting can go from being a hobby to an addiction. The key to knowing if you have a problem is to reflect on how gambling is affecting your life. In this sense, those who are addicted to betting not only lose money; they also lose social relationships, including family and partner relationships. So, we'll show you the aspects you should evaluate if you are addicted to sports betting.

  • To minimize the negative consequences of betting addiction, it is common for the addict to lie and not recognize the losses. If he mentions that he played, he usually does so only when he wins.
  • Most of his thoughts are focused on gambling. He spends much of the day following the games, reviewing statistics, and evaluating the odds. Likewise, he spends a lot of time talking to "betting friends" about future and past bets.
  • The addict needs repeated financial support from family and friends.

More Indicators That You Have A Betting Addiction Problem

  • You lose more and more money and time because each time, you need to bet larger amounts.
  • Betting has become a way to deal with your discomforts or anxieties or a way to recover from previous losses.
  • You lose control over your emotional states. If you try to reduce or eliminate your bets, you get nervous and irritable.
  • You must recognize that you have an addiction to sports betting when the money you lose starts to be the least of your losses. You also lose your job, personal relationships, and projects.
  • People with a betting addiction do not distinguish between winning and almost winning. On the contrary, people without addiction see a "near victory" like what it is; a defeat.

How To Become A Sports Betting Addict

The process of becoming an addict is the same. You start by betting on those sports about which you have some knowledge. Then, you continue with other types of bets. Finally, you end up betting on anything, on the next goal, who will shot the corner at, etc. At first, this activity begins as mere entertainment but ends up becoming a problem when the person does not stop looking for money to continue playing. At that point, betting goes from being entertainment to becoming a necessity. This is when you need to take action.

When betting is a hobby, the bettors have a way to entertain themselves, playing moderately and enjoying the experience without taking great risks. When this hobby becomes an addiction, your betting style changes. Thus, the main characteristic of pathological gamblers is the loss of control. This brings grave personal, work, academic, economic, and social consequences to the person.

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