Betting Systems Based On Statistical Analysis

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Betting Systems Based On Statistical Analysis

Betting systems are widespread in the world of sports betting nowadays. You can’t even begin to imagine long-term profit without including one of the betting systems in your idea. The reason behind this is simple - betting systems are there to protect you from streaks of losses and reward you winning streaks. Contrast to the betting without systems, where a couple of wins don’t even guarantee much unless you get fortunate, and even then, you must know when to stop.

When using statistical analysis, try not to fall into the trap of looking at raw numbers, without checking the underlying numbers. For example, if you bet on football, you shouldn’t use possession as an indicator of the success of a particular team. Instead, rely on expected goals statistics or some other sort of advanced analytics that is available to us nowadays.

Most betting systems use statistical analysis. There are multiple ways of going about it. Whatever you do, make sure that you get your system in place first, and worry about statistical analysis later.

Martingale Betting System

If you’re a fan of the Martingale betting system, which is one of the most popular betting systems in the world, you’ll find statistical analysis crucial for your success. If you’re using Martingale’s for football betting, you might go for a draw method. This method means that you’re betting on a particular team drawing and doubling your stake each time you lose the bet.

By using Martingale’s, you’re putting yourself at great risk of failure, given that this system is a high-risk high-profit type of betting system. If you want to find which team draws most times in the season - you turn to statistical analysis. You look at the data from the previous three seasons, find the team with most draws in that period, but the job isn’t done yet! After finding this team, it’s vital to see bookies’ predictions for their upcoming season. If the team is predicted to finish at the bottom, you may want to avoid this team, as the same principle goes for the teams at the top.

Ideal teams for this system are the ones that are predicted to finish mid-table while having useful draw record in the past three seasons.

Labouchere Betting System

Labouchere is a hazardous betting system that can make you a fortune but can also make you lose most of your budget. Given its riskiness, you ought to be extra careful when dealing with statistical analysis. Considering the significant risk of high stakes, your statistical analysis should rely on choosing as safe bets as possible, even if it means compromising with lower odds.

No matter which system you choose, statistical analysis will always be crucial to your success. When dealing with it, make sure you follow the right parameters, which are still different, ranging from various sports, circumstances, betting systems. Etc.

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