Making Money On Sports Betting In Indonesia

The Secrets To Making Money On Sports Betting In Indonesia

Making Money On Sports Betting In Indonesia

Sports betting and gambling, in general, are not allowed in Indonesia. Due to the influence of religions in many aspects of life in this country, including the law, this activity is considered illegal. However, despite strong anti-betting laws in Indonesia, online betting is still prevalent in this country.

In fact, there are many ways of gambling in Indonesia. Although these are not 100% legal, you will see here some secrets about how to make money on sports betting in Indonesia.


Tips to make money by sports betting in Indonesia:

Indonesian bettors have access to many online sportsbooks from which you can bet in this country. Many of these online sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses and promotions to attract and keep customers. Some online recognized sportsbooks have gotten to avoid legal restrictions allowing their users to place bets. Generally, they do this using other websites with a different internet address.

Another way to reach your favorite sportsbooks web is through a VPN. This network hides your location by giving you a virtual IP outside your country. Setting these VPNs may sound a little technical, but they are effortless to set up. Currently, the only kind of gambling allowed is a licensed lottery, but this is under constant government surveillance. So, online sportsbooks are the only way to sports betting for Indonesians yet.


Where you can place your wagers

You must select a bookie that uses Indonesian odds, or any format of odds that you are familiar with. This will help you not to make mistakes when betting. It is convenient to use Asian bookies. Through them, you can bet on the best-known soccer leagues and even in the Indonesian's league. They also offer a wide variety of betting options such as Asian Handicap. Another good reason to prefer Asian sportsbooks is that they allow bets in local currency.

On the other hand, betting on European sportsbooks also has significant advantages. Usually, you can find excellent bonuses and better odds in them than in Asian bookies. Several of them even allow betting on the Indonesian's currency (Rupiah). The downside is that they do not allow deposits through local banking methods.


How to deposit and withdraw money

In this case, you can use an e-wallet. The most popular e-wallet in Indonesia is EntroPay. Through this e-wallet, you can make deposits and withdrawals at these European bookmakers. You only need a credit or debit card. Besides, you can also obtain a virtual debit card through EntroPay, so you can place your bets and withdraw money.

Betting online

In recent years, live betting has had a significant boom in Indonesia. This betting alternative allows placing bets while the match's action is running. In addition to live betting, in many of these betting sites, you can watch the events through live stream. This is a great attraction for punters since the same place where you bet allows you to enjoy the excitement of the game. Also, this way of betting will enable you to implement some trends and tactics.


Wrapping up

Despite strong opposition from local authorities, online sports betting will probably continue to grow in Indonesia. New measures have even been released to avoid online betting, but this is almost impossible to control entirely. That is why punters in Indonesia will continue to use these avenues to make money with sports betting.

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