Spain La Liga Betting Trends

2020 Spain La Liga Betting Trends

Spain La Liga Betting Trends

The first division of Spanish football every week brings us some of the most exciting matches for sports betting fans. It often presents excellent opportunities that expert punters do not miss. These opportunities are at the reach of punters who follow and analyze stats and betting trends. Thus, if you're looking to increase your chances of success when betting, you must know the 2020 Spain La Liga betting trends.

2020 Spain La Liga betting trends and stats

In the 2019/2020 season, there are even more and better options to increase your profits. This is because competitiveness has increased between the teams that play Spain La Liga Santander, which opens up a range of possibilities. Therefore, the Spanish league is a perfect option to bet on football and earn money.

Here are some of the most prominent betting trends in this 2020 season of Spain La Liga.

  • When 70% of the scheduled dates have already been covered, Spain La Liga 2020 has an average equal to 2.52 goals per game. The most frequent result is 1-1, which has occurred 36 times.
  • Home teams have won 48% of the meetings, and visitors have done so 24% of the time. Draws have occurred 28% of the time. From this, it follows that in 7 out of 10 matches, home teams end up drawing or winning.
  • Also, in 52% of the matches, both teams have scored goals.
  • Of every ten matches in the Spanish league, seven end at halftime with 1 goal or less on the scoreboard.


Interesting 2020 betting trends for some Spanish teams

  • Regarding the recent form at home, FC Barcelona is undefeated in its last 14 games at Camp Nou. For its part, Real Madrid has not lost in its previous 13 commitments at Bernabeu. Another exciting trend for betting is that FC Sevilla has been the first team to score in 74% of its matches.
  • 73% of Villarreal matches have ended with 3 or more goals on the board. While in barely 23% of the Athletic Bilbao matches this amount has been exceeded. This figure falls to only 15% when Athletic plays at home.
  • Mallorca represents a compelling case. This squad is struggling not to descend. However, he is the second-best team in the league during the first half of his matches when he plays at home. It has a 6-5-3 record in this condition and is only surpassed by FC Barcelona in this statistic.
  • Looking at the end of the season, the Royal Society seems to have a problematic calendar as a visitor. This may undermine their aspirations to end up in European competition spots. The last 6 teams they should visit obtain 1.78 points per game at home, on average. So, these teams are very hard to beat at their stadiums.


With these data, we can say that betting on Spain La Liga Santander is very striking for punters. Therefore, by following betting trends and stats, you can discover opportunities and value-bets that lead you to raise your profits.

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