3-Way Handicap Explained

What Does It Means 3-Way Handicap?

3-Way Handicap Explained

Let's start with the basics. Surely, you have read about sports betting and are interested in becoming a bettor. Perhaps, you have been surprised or even overwhelmed by the terminology surrounding everything related to sports betting. So, in advance, we tell you: do not worry, this is normal. That is the first impression that many people have when getting started in sports betting. But, today, they are successful bettors! On the internet, the amount of betting data available will bombard you. The volume of news and information is so vast that it is hard to keep track of the things that should really interest you. But, we assure you that if you do not know the basic terms used in sports betting, it will be hard for you to make a profit. This is true no matter how experienced you are in a market. Likewise, remember that a bettor is not the same as a sports fan. A gambler is someone who should have a fresh and focused mind to place bets and try to multiply his bankroll. So, for the successful bettor, it's all about information, knowledge, and intelligence. You need to put together these factors to sort out the data that will lead you to win and make profits.

Betting With The 3-way Handicap

This brings us to a word that is present in most bookies and tipster sites: handicap. This word is associated in such a way with the world of sports betting that if you don't know its meaning, importance, and use, simply find another hobby. The good news is that, like many other terms, handicapping is much easier to understand than you might think. A handicap is a value given to a team or player. The bookie can place an advantage or disadvantage handicap so that the value of a team and/or player is leveled. This way, the bet acquires a balance, and the odd becomes more attractive to the bettor. And it is directly related to the adversary. Let's suppose you bet by handicap on a match between England and Colombia. The handicap for Colombia is -1. So, you win the bet if Colombia wins by more than one goal. It's that simple. If it is -2, you must win by more than two goals.

The handicap bet offers only the possibility of obtaining a profit if the result indicated by the handicap is strictly fulfilled. But there is another type of bet based on the handicap, which is much more attractive and offers better chances of winning: the 3-way handicap. This type of bet differs from the regular handicap bet by making it possible to generate bets on the tie. If we use the previous example, in the same handicap market -1, with the 3-way handicap, you can also win the bet if Colombia wins by one goal. So, it would be a draw in the bet. That is the advantage and difference that a 3-way handicap offers: The opportunity to bet and win with the draw of the handicap.

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