Understand Basic Bet Types

Quick Way to Understand Basic Bet Types

Understand Basic Bet Types

If you are new in the sports betting field, you need to understand the basic bet types which are very important if you are to make any profit. We value you as our reader that’s why we have gone the extra mile, to compile this article using the simplest words possible.

Basic Bet Types: 1X2

1X2 betting remains the most commonly used type of sports betting. This sort of betting could attribute to the fact that, it is easy and straightforward to use. To explain this, take for example two teams from the Champions League, Manchester City, and Leicester.

If you place a $10 on Manchester City to win at odds of 5.00, you will earn $50.00. However, that figure includes the initial $10 stake with the profit being $40. On the other hand, if the results went against your bet, you will end up losing the initial stake as well.

However, before placing a wager on the same, you may need to explore multiple bookmakers and compare their odds to reap the maximum profits possible.

Handicap Bets

This type of betting may be a little difficult to use for a novice bettor, but it only means that a bettor can reap good profits if they place a wager on a heavily favored team. In handicap betting, there is a perceived bias in ability, but bookmakers know this that’s why they offer favorable odds to level the field.

The handicap is factored into the final score to determine the game's outcome for the bet (which might be different from the actual result).

One of the easiest ways to recognize a handicap is by looking at their appearance. These bet types look a little different, and you will find items looking like splits, some examples are +0.7 & +1 or -0.7 & -1. If this is the case, know it means that the bookmarker will use your stake to place two handicap bets appropriately. Each bet will be in a different option which means that a bettor can win both bets, only one, or unfortunately lose both.

Totals (commonly referred to as OVER or UNDER)

Totals are equally popular and an excellent alternative to 1X2. They are also easy to use and much simpler to attain profits since all a bettor is required to do to predict the possible outcome of a game’s variables. These variables mean the total no. of goals/runs or points.

For example, you will find a bookmarker offering an option indicating OVER 2.5 or UNDER 2.5.

Do you need to make quick profits with different bet types?

We hope the information above has been useful to you and we can help you choose the best bet type that will gain you as many profits as possible. For more information on betting types and odds you can check out our live odds page or connect with hundreds of professional premium soccer tipsters from across the world. It offer our users some of the best odds and best soccer tips.

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