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Author Filter : Marko Vrakela

Author Filter : Marko Vrakela
Betting Guide / Betting Help / Betting Strategy

Value Bets Is The Best Method To Beat The Bookies

September 16,2020 by Marko Vrakela

Value bets are the way to beat the bookies. The value we are talking about refers to the odds that hide opportunities for the bettor.

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Soccer League Preview / Profitable Trends / Betting Trends

2020 Germany Bundesliga Betting Trends

July 28,2020 by Marko Vrakela

Looking for the top 2020 betting trends in the German Bundesliga? You have come to the right place!

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Betting Guide / Betting Trends

2020 Italian Serie A Betting Trends

July 10,2020 by Marko Vrakela

We provide below the most relevant 2020 Italian Serie A betting trends that every bettor should consider.

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Soccer League Preview / Betting Guide / Betting Help

UEFA Europa League Online Soccer Betting Tips

May 24,2020 by Marko Vrakela

Keep reading and discover the few soccer betting tips that will make you win with consistency in UEFA Europa League event.

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