A Comprehensive Overview of Different Types of Sports Bets

Overview Of Different Types Of Sports Bets

A Comprehensive Overview of Different Types of Sports Bets

The more types of bets that a punter knows how to lay, the higher their chances of success in the industry. Understanding the different wagers you can play becomes critical because online sportsbooks constantly introduce new bet types. To ensure you stay in the loop, below are some top-trending wagers you can currently place in sports.

Overview Of Different Types Of Sports Bets To Place In 2023

Some of the most sensational types of sports bets you can now place this year include:

The Futures Bet

As the name suggests, futures bets are wagers you place well before an event occurs. They differ from other bets because you generally need more information. An example is betting on who will win the UEFA Champions League before playing the first match. The biggest perk of laying this kind of wager is that they come with remarkably staggering rewards. But remember that because of the many unknowns you have to work with here, these types of bets can take a lot of work to win.

The Prop Bet

These are arguably one of the most profitable yet highly underutilized bets in the sports industry. Also commonly referred to as special bets, these aren’t your outcome-based wagers. Instead, you’ll be betting on specific scenarios during a sporting event. Common examples of this type of wager are betting that a goal will (or won’t) be scored in the first half or wagering that the second round in a UFC match will end in a knockout. It’s pretty easy to find value with these types of wagers. Sadly, you cannot adopt any surefire tactics to ensure victory here.

The Goliath Bet

People with a good idea of how accumulator bets work won’t struggle as much with this type of wager. However, a Goliath bet shouldn’t be mistaken for your average acca as it’s considerably more significant. It’s even bigger than a Super Yankee wager, as this bet type typically consists of as many as eight selections spanning 147 different individual bets! The merits of this type of bet include getting a massive reward, and your whole game doesn’t tank if one selection doesn’t come through. However, each wager carries an equal stake here, and you usually have to win a lot of the bets you placed for you to turn an appreciable profit.


Now that you have a concise overview of different sports bets you can place, you can make profits efficiently when you bet now. But before jumping in, be sure that you understand the betting market thoroughly. That way, you’ll be able to use your bankroll more effectively.

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