Italian Serie A Betting Trends

2020 Italian Serie A Betting Trends

Italian Serie A Betting Trends

Italian Calcio is gaining space again among fans preferences, even in the sports betting world. Bets in Serie A are rising significantly. For the 2019-2020 season, Italian teams made significant investments in players seeking to regain their place in the European football elite. Possibly, this is the reason that the bets in Serie A are growing significantly. Stakes in Serie A have increased by 43% so far in the league. Besides, this year the Serie A odds lines are varying a lot.

In this regard, we provide below the most relevant 2020 Italian Serie A betting trends that every bettor should consider. This will allow you to raise your winning chance in this exciting and competitive league.

Top 2020 Serie A betting trends and stats

The Italian Serie A was considered for a few years as the least spectacular tournament among the most important in Europe. This situation changed during recent years. Three seasons ago, it even had the highest goal average, among the 5 most significant European leagues. This trend is maintained in the 2020 season, with an average of 2.93 goals per game. Likewise, in 60% of the matches, 3 or more goals are made.

Another critical tip when predicting in Serie A is that most of the matches end with both teams scoring at least one goal. In the previous season, the bet on "both teams to score" had a 53% success rate. So far this 2019/2020 season, this percentage has risen to 60%! This is a fairly good percentage to consider when betting. This trend is consistent in the last Italian Calcio's seasons and shows the change of mentality in this league.

You should also keep in mind that surprises are frequent in this championship. Unlike most tournaments in the world, in Serie A in recent years, visiting teams have been very successful. Last season, in 56% of the games, the visiting teams tied or won. While in the 2020 season, visitors are undefeated in 6 out of 10 matches!

When 67% of the schedule has been played, the local teams' win ratio is practically the same as that of the visitors (40% against 38%). On the other hand, if you like to bet on the "correct scores", it is good that you know that in the current season of Series A, the most frequent result has been 2-1. This score has been given in 31 games.

With the favorite team to the title, Juventus, we have an interesting fact. The punters must keep in mind that this team when playing as a visitor, in the second part of the matches, is not doing very well. In this situation, he has only won the second-half of 4 of the 13 games he has played away from home.

Finally, remember that odds vary between bookmakers, so you must select the one that offers you the most convenient. By analyzing the betting odds and their movements, you will find those that maximize your earnings.

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