Germany Bundesliga Betting Trends

2020 Germany Bundesliga Betting Trends

Germany Bundesliga Betting Trends

The German football league, better known as the Bundesliga 1, is the highest category of German football and one of the most powerful sports competitions in the world. Traditionally, it is considered one of the four most prestigious leagues in world football, along with English, Spanish, and Italian. This competition presents every week some of the most interesting bets in Europe and the world. This represents extraordinary opportunities for those punters who know the most relevant betting trends and statistics of this league.

To provide the information you need to win with your bets, we bring you the top 2020 German Bundesliga betting trends.

Bundesliga 2020 betting trends and stats

In the Bundesliga are some of the most powerful clubs in Europe, and they usually have a consistent performance each season. The difference between the most powerful teams and the rest is usually significant. You can make predictions taking into account this fact. When 73% of the calendar has been played, the Bundesliga has an average of 3.25 goals per game. This means that the German tournament is the highest producer of goals among the biggest European leagues. Also, 3 goals or more have been made in 67% of the matches, and both teams have scored in 59% of the matches.

Additionally, 17 of the 18 teams competing in the Bundesliga 2020 have seen at least 3 goals in 56% or more of their matches. These goal stats represent an excellent opportunity for expert punters. When it comes to wins and losses, the teams that have played at home have won 43% of the matches while the visitors have won 35% of the time. The draws' proportion is only 22%, one of the lowest in Europe. If we follow talking about goals, we can say that both teams score (local and visitor) in more than 80% of the Paderborn, Monchengladbach, and RB Leipzig matches.

Besides, Schalke 04 is one of the most aggressive teams when they play at home. They have scored first in 10 out of 13 matches as locals. As for the margins of victories, in 46% of the total matches played in the 2020 Bundesliga, the winning team has led by 2 or more goals of difference. This represents an interesting option to bet with a handicap to victories with 1.5 goals difference. Augsburg, despite struggling not to descend, has a good record for the first 45 minutes of their home games. He has finished winning or drawing at the end of the first half in 10 of his 12 home games. According to the figures we have seen before, the Bundesliga is one of the competitions that generate more goals per game. This means that there are greater options to make "Cash Out" easily when betting on the total goals.

Besides, there are other alternatives for punters in the Bundesliga. Among these are to bet on the top scorer, hit the number of shots to the goal, and double opportunities. In any case, it is advisable to examine the odds to choose those that fit our predictions.

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