BTTS Soccer Betting Strategies

Introducing BTTS Soccer Betting Strategies

BTTS Soccer Betting Strategies

Soccer betting is extensive. Because of this, bettors who aren’t especially careful with how they engage the industry run the real risk of losing far more than they profit. It is especially true for people planning to enter the BTTS betting market. Considering this, we’ll highlight everything you need to know about BTTS, from what it is to how to grab the fantastic opportunities it offers!

BTTS Soccer Betting – Everything You Need To Know

BTTS is for “Both Teams To Score.” While this betting market has become fiercely popular today, it was only introduced to the betting industry a few decades ago. Ultimately, a simple betting system requires a bettor to predict that the two sides meeting in a competition will both find the net.

Technicalities In BTTS To Note

While BTTS betting market is relatively straightforward, there are a few essential things you should be careful to pay attention to.
For example, while own goals count in BTTS, any goal scored in the extra time of a match does not. In the same vein, should the regular playing time plus injury time-lapse and the game goes into penalties (as is seen in cup finals and knockout competitions), any goals scored here will not count towards BTTS. With this in mind, here are some foolproof strategies for winning consistently in this betting market!

Only Use BTTS On Similar Teams

While you can technically use BTTS with every match you bet on, you won’t get any real value that way. Instead, you may find it more profitable to enter the market with teams with similar skills. More to the point, you will get the most out of this betting market when you use it on teams sitting in the middle of the table. You can use our professional league of tipsters at SoccerTipsters to find more data to guide your decisions here.

Leverage Free Bets To Complement Your Wager

As a punter who’s not placing wagers purely for fun, you must leverage every resource at your disposal to give you an edge over the bookie. With BTTS, that means complementing your wagers with free bets so that you secure your chances and maintain a more consistent run of profits.

Betting On The Underdog Is The Way To Go

Siding with the underdog is a proven tactic for scoring huge wins in soccer betting, but BTTS can help you capitalize on it even more profoundly. What’s more, something as simple as a new manager coming on board for the weaker team is usually more than enough to put the odds in your favor!


While you can rack up a decent record of success with BTTS, working with reliable tipsters puts you further ahead in the game. With the team of pros available on SoccerTipsters, you can experience BTTS in a new and better light!

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