Double Chance Soccer Betting Strategies

Introducing Double Chance Soccer Betting Strategies

Double Chance Soccer Betting Strategies

One reason the soccer betting industry is loved so intensely worldwide is that it offers many creative angles to explore it. It keeps growing and changing, and these improvements only seem to favor bettors more and more! The most significant representation of this fact is the double chance betting system. Here’s everything you have to know about this great market!

What Exactly Is Double Chance Betting?

Ultimately, every soccer game can have only one of three outcomes. The home team wins, loses, or draws the match. There will never be any exceptions to this rule. Most betting systems limit a punter’s wagers to just one of these three options. However, double chance betting in soccer is different because it allows you to wager on two outcomes instead of just one! Before going deeper into the strategies you can take with this betting system, here’s something to note first.

Primary Forms Of Double Chance Betting

In the interest of helping a bettor do more with their wager, double chance betting allows you to choose just how far you want to try with your choices. As such, there are two primary forms of this betting system.

The Low-Risk Profiteering Tactic

Because double chance betting allows you to bet on two possible outcomes, it’s already one of the lowest-risk betting systems you can use. However, you can reduce the risk of losing by betting on the better team, not losing. That’s the low-risk profiteering approach in a nutshell. While you won’t cash out with a bang here, you are guaranteed steady profit in the long run.

The Under-Dog Hunting Tactic

It is the direct opposite of the low-risk profiteering tactic, and it requires that you put more skin in the game, albeit in return for far greater rewards. With underdog hunting, you’re actively looking for and betting on a weaker team that can pull an offset. It requires a lot more effort to use, but leveraging the resources we make available at SoccerTipsters can make things easier!

Double Chance Betting Systems to Know


  • The home team win is 1,
  • The home team loss is 2, and
  • The home draw is as X,

Double chance strategies you can use include:

1X – Home Team Wins Or Draws

With this, you’re betting that the power of home advantage will come into play intensely, and the home team will either win or draw.

2X – Home Team Loses Or Draws

Here, you’re betting on the away team either winning outrightly or holding the hosts to a draw. This betting strategy typically has the most profitable odds in double chance betting.

12 – Home Team Wins Or Loses

It simply involves betting on the two extreme results and not leaving any room for the possibility of a draw. Using Double Chance Betting Right with SoccerTipsters No matter which strategy you plan to use, one thing is sure; you need access to quality information and resources. We provide that in abundance here and ensure you have everything to make the most of double chance betting!

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