Do’s & Don’ts While Betting On BTTS (Both Teams To Score)

Do’s And Don’ts While Betting On BTTS (Both Teams To Score)

Do’s & Don’ts While Betting On BTTS (Both Teams To Score)

Punters make or avoid particular wagers throughout their betting careers. In some cases, this advice can help a punter, but in other instances, it may drag a punter further down. However, by taking expert advice from professionals in the space, punters can leverage years of betting experience and strategy into their wagers. Based on the experience of professional punters that operate in the BTTS betting market, specific strategies, tips, and tricks tend to work more often than others. Punters can utilize the do’s and learn to avoid the don’ts of betting on BTTS betting markets to become more consistent and profitable. BTTS (“Both Teams To Score”) is a market that pays out if both teams score at least one goal each in a game or sporting event (such as football or hockey). It doesn’t matter how many goals both teams score as long as they score at least one goal.

Do’s Of BTTS

Punters should follow this list of do’s when making BTTS wagers:

1. Head-To-Head

Since BTTS is a wager that involves both teams doing something (in this case, scoring a goal each), a punter must consider how the groups are likely to perform against each other. One of the key metrics used by statisticians to evaluate if both teams will score is to look at past head-to-head results. If two opponents tend to achieve many goals when playing each other, they’re likely to do so in the future. If two teams play out 0-0 draws or one-sided games such as 3-0, then a BTTS wager doesn’t pay out.

2. Goals Scored In The Last Ten Games

The goals scored in the last ten games give a punter a better understanding of a team’s form. The form determines how well a team performs in a BTTS and most other betting markets. For example, if both teams average a goal or more in the last ten games, then the teams have a reasonable likelihood of scoring a goal. Punters must consider each unit’s average GPG or average goals per game.

3. Wagers On Weak Defenses

Some of the most profitable and consistent BTTS wagers include bets on two teams with weak defenses and potent offenses. With intense crimes, both teams have a high probability of scoring goals, and weak defenses ensure that both teams have a lower likelihood of ending the game in a goalless draw. However, not all BTTS wagers on inadequate defense payout since both groups may be equal.

4. Equally Matched Teams

Equally matched teams are two that share relatively the same position on the league table, points scored across games, and sometimes, even goals scored across games. A BTTS wager on equally matched teams could pay out if both teams have a high probability of scoring at least one goal.

Don’ts Of BTTS

Punters should avoid this list of don’ts when making BTTS wagers:

1. Wager On Cup Finals

Punters should avoid making BTTS wagers on Cup and tournament finals because both teams are generally equally matched, and the nature of the contest makes it unpredictable. When couples have a lot to play for on the line (in finals), the teams tend to play conservatively to avoid conceding a goal. However, this also causes teams to avoid pushing forward and scoring, an essential element of the BTTS wager.

2. Weak Attackers

Teams with weak attacking players, strikers, or midfielders tend to score fewer goals on average throughout a season. If one team has weak attackers, then the team has a low probability of achieving a plan, and a punter has a lower likelihood of winning a BTTS wager. Even good attacking teams in bad goal-scoring form constitute a risky BTTS wager.

3. Bad Form

A team’s form is essential in determining how a team will perform in the next game. Generally, a group in lousy form is likely to continue in bad shape, and groups in good condition continue to perform well. Punters should avoid BTTS wagers on unpredictable teams or teams in unexpected situations.

4. Avoid One-Sided Games

BTTS wagers on one-sided games rarely pay out because one team scores goals while the other team doesn’t usually score anything. The essential component of a BTTS wager is both teams’ scoring.


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