Tips For Betting On Parlay

Top Proven Tips For Betting On Parlay

Tips For Betting On Parlay

Hitting a parlay bet can be very lucrative, as they tend to pay big revenues. However, we also know how difficult it is to hit these types of bets. Therefore, here we bring you some tips that will help you increase your chances of winning when placing parlay bets.

Use System Bets

A system bet generates a combination of different bets. Remember that you can win money even if you fail a game, depending on each team's odds. Here we show you two of the most popular system bets:

  • Trixie combo bet: This bet increases your chances of winning Parley. It is formed from three events or matches. These three selections are combined in parlay bets to generate the following bets:
    • Three parlay bets of two events each
    • A three-event parlay bet.
  • Yankee Bet: It is one of the most popular sports bets. It is made up of four events or selections. We'll generate up to eleven parlay bets from them as follows:
    • Six parlay bets of two events each
    • Four parlay bets of three events each
    • A parlay bet of four events

What Sport To Bet On?

The best recommendation to win a parlay is to bet on sports with only two possible outcomes. Examples of these sports are basketball and tennis. The reason is that these are easier to hit. Regardless of the favoritism of any teams or players involved, each opponent will have at least a 50% chance of winning. In sports with three possible outcomes, such as soccer, the odds of winning are lower. These three results are the victory of one team or the other and the draw. In this case, regardless of whether there is a favorite, the success chances are 33.33%.

Bet On What You Know And Without Sentimentality

Do not bet on sports you do not manage and that you are not passionate about. Knowing what you are betting gives you a better winning chance since you can do better analysis. Besides, it makes things funnier. Analyze all possible outcomes so you can put together a parlay with good winning chances. Likewise, do not get carried away by the "winning tips" from a friend of yours. Trust your decisions and remember that when the value of the bet goes up, so does the loss risk. Thus, you must be sure of the value of the bets you are going to make.

Combine Two Favorites

Betting on a big favorite is always a temptation for bettors. The problem here is that normally the bettor must bet a lot of money to get a significant return, where the favorite double parlay comes in handy. So, find two carefully chosen favorites and combine them into one parlay. The result will be a low-risk bet with an excellent return.

The Two Underdogs' Parlay

An underrated but powerful parlay is the two underdogs' parlay. By carefully scanning the available markets and picking two value underdogs, and combining them in a parlay, you will have odds of 5.00 or more without too much trouble. In many ways, the two underdogs' parlay represents considerably more value than the favorites pack. With these tips, you will increase your success chances when making parlay bets.

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