Negative Progression Betting Systems

What Are Negative Progression Betting Systems?

Negative Progression Betting Systems

Various negative progression systems have been adapted to sports betting. They all have their origin in casino roulette. In summary, the basis of these betting systems is to increase the amount of bet after losing and reduce it after winning. Since a losing streak can seriously jeopardize our funds when applying these negative progression systems, they have many detractors. However, the victory that cuts that bad streak allows us to compensate the losses through a large bet and even profit. We can mention as typical examples of this methodology the Martingale and d'Alembert systems. Both betting systems are prevalent, and we will describe them later. Additionally, we will review its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros And Cons Of Negative Progression Systems

For bettors with a good betting bankroll, these systems are a good alternative. It is difficult for an adverse streak to remain too long by carrying out the necessary analyses and studies about the chosen event. So, this means that making profits will only depend on patience and perseverance. Of course, just as you can use these systems to recover losses, the risk of bankruptcy is always latent. As every bettor knows, the possibility of default is part of the game from the start. To counteract this, what we must do is carefully analyze the bet we intend to make. It is not a foolproof system. However, making the betting decision with enough information will be crucial for this system to generate good dividends.

The Martingale Betting System

It consists of establishing an initial amount and doubling it to the next bet in case of defeat. If the bet is a winner, it returns to the beginning. To explain it through an example, suppose that the first bet is $ 1. If we lose, the next will be $ 2, and if we lose again, the third will be $ 4, and so on. If in the fourth bet we finally win, in the fifth, we bet $ 1 again. This is not a beginner-friendly system because it requires a high degree of prior research and involves taking risks that can be great. One of the Martingale variants in football consists of betting on the tie of a specific team in successive matches until it occurs. A losing streak may require an investment so large that it exceeds the limit allowed by the bookmaker. In that case, fate will be inescapable: losses and possible bankruptcy. 

The Progression d'Alembert Betting System

This system emerges from a study published by the French mathematician Jean le Rond d'Alembert in 1743. From this, transferring this definition to the field of sports betting, we can affirm that, in the long term, there is a balance between correct and incorrect forecasts. The strategy aims to add one unit after a failed bet and subtract one unit after each hit. Unlike the Martingale, the d'Alembert System tends to reduce the impact of negative streaks. To achieve this, it is necessary to set limits and respect them inflexibly and preferably betting on the favorites. These two factors will reduce the chances of suffering a long losing streak. Used well, this is an interesting tactic to recoup losses little by little and make long-term gains.

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