Sports Betting Strategies

Time-Tested Sports Betting Strategies

Sports Betting Strategies

Sports betting is probably one of the quickest methods you can employ to get a good ROI in a short period. Sadly, it is also one of the fastest ways around to get yourself running at a loss - without a proper strategy. The chances are that you've come across some 'expert' on the internet saying he has a 'special' winning formula to help you wreck the bookies. You're debating further after coming across many of his wins. What you won't see is how many losses he must have suffered to get that one much-needed win.

While betting is more or less, hoping many factors including luck all come to play, some basic sports betting strategies give you a more substantial chance of winning or puts you at a higher potential of making returns. Knowing these sports betting strategies, the right ones that work for you and applying them accordingly will be the best decision you'll make before deciding to go into betting. Profit is always the goal and with that in mind, let's have a look at sports betting strategies that'll surely give you a better chance of maximizing your winnings.


Cash management - Only put the cash you can afford to lose

Easily the most important tip you must put in mind before betting. The aim of betting is for you to make money. Ignoring this important rule would leave you chasing losses instead. To have a proper cash-management strategy, the following rules would help you:

  • Have a set amount you can do away with.
  • Outline this set amount for a specified timeline.
  • In this period, do not exceed what you have set apart (regardless of your wins/losses).

Many times, bettors are tempted to put in more copious amounts to recover mostly from losses. This will only leave you making desperate bets which are bad news for your wallet and good news for the bookmakers.


Be a master at one (not the jack-of-all-trades)

Diversity is always welcome, and it's good to be well versed in several sports. However, this leaves you undecided as you'll still be left with too many options that could end up confusing you. Pick that one team in the sports you like best and work with them. Study the team, their strong points and shortcomings alike. Plan yourself with these in mind, and you'll be a master regarding that team in no time. After doing these in succession, your win percentage will increase as you'll have ample knowledge you need in picking your options. Luck is necessary in betting too (if you believe), but it's safer if you bet smart and pick options with less risk because you're familiar with them.


Ignore your sentiments and go with facts

This is mostly overlooked but has put a lot of bettors in losses they can't ever recover. It's okay if you have that one team you like the most/dislike if they're your rival club for instance. Although facts will always be facts and always stick to them. A rival team on a five match-winning streak is a much safer option than your team who have lost three and drawn the other two of their past five games. For example, an Arsenal fan placing a bet on an informed Spurs team to lose against a relegation-threatened side simply because of the rivalry is probably not a wise decision at all. Before placing your bets, check the statistics, look at some history between both clubs if necessary and note out the trends that have happened a good number of times. A lot of bettors just pick games because they love that team or feel a particular player would win it for them. Doing your due diligence ahead puts you ahead of many people and increases your chances of winning accordingly.


Stick with a winning formula

By now, you must have placed a couple of bets at a time and should be able to determine which one best works for you. Stick to your winning method and never follow the crowd because it is trending or because it's a 'new' trick that has been discovered. What is one's strong point is another's Achilles heel, so always believe in your picks and continue to follow what works for you.


If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is

Bookmakers want your money as always and would always come up with new sports betting strategies every day. If you see bonuses and promotions that you have to think twice about, then it is likely not worth a shot. For instance, trying to win $1000 with a $5 spin option is undoubtedly a red flag and will have you placing little bits of '$5' until you're close to hitting the intended win amount without even realizing. Place bets on reasonable options or at least ones that look realistic in some way. If it looks too good to be true, it's likely because it is and you're better off placing bets on options that don't rely on luck.



Following these sports betting strategies won't give you 'must-wins' but would significantly increase your chances of winning every-time. Sports betting is a combination of discipline, proper strategy and dedication you must be willing to spare. The sports betting strategies listed above cover the right blend of all of these and would further help you maximize your winnings when applied correctly.

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