Low-Risk Betting Strategy

Are You Looking For A Low-Risk Betting Strategy?

Low-Risk Betting Strategy

Usually, novice punters look for low-risk betting strategies to protect their bankroll while developing their skills as bettors. In this sense, we have brought a betting strategy that may suit these types of requirements. However, you should keep in mind that a lower risk implies lower rewards. Don't forget that.

Strategies For Winning With Your Bets At a Minimum Risk

The best way to try winning, taking the least possible risk, consists of placing bets on very low odds. That is between 1.00 and 1.25 since these are the odds whose occurring probability is major. Based on the following, we'll see the basics of the low-risk betting strategy:

  • When possible, we must select odds under 1.25. You can establish a maximum limit equal to 1.50. The lower the odd, the lower the losing risk will be. Remind that the occurring probability of an event is, approximately, the odds' inverse value.
  • Choose sports with only two possible outcomes: When selecting what sport you will bet on, you must reduce the potential results. This will help you increase your hitting chances. Soccer is not a good option in this case because you can see three outcomes; home win, draw or away win. So, your success probability will be around 33% without considering what team is better than the other. In this case, sports such as basketball and tennis will serve better for your purposes.
  • Combine low-risk single bets on mixed parlays: Everybody wants to earn the more possible money when betting, right? But you won't get it by betting on so low odds permanently. So, an advisable option would be to combine the bets you determine using the tips mentioned above. It will allow you to increase the expected winnings while maintaining the risk at a low level.

A low-risk strategy involves not only maximizing our hitting chances but avoiding putting at risk our money.

Betting with the bookie's money

The best way to avoid taking risks when betting is to do it with money that is not ours. That is, to bet using the bonuses and promotions sports bookies use to offer. Some bookies promotions give you balance you can use to bet. Generally, these risk-free promotions will require you to place a previous bet with your balance to receive it. If you look for these bonuses in several bookies, you can find some of them every month.

Sometimes it doesn't matter if you win the previous bet. In case you have to win it, you should look for events with an occurring probability around a 90% value. Hitting probability will be high, so you will mostly receive these extra free-bets you can use with no risk. Bookmakers don't set up many requisites to access these bonuses because they offer them incentives to incentivize the betting activity, particularly among beginners. However, when you want to cash out your winnings, it won't be so easy. Typically, bookies require you to bet five or six times the bonus amount to release you the money you have won. This way, they warrant that users don't take significant advantage of these promotions.

Therefore, these risk-free promotions should be used mainly for betting learning and to test new strategies without placing the risk on our money.

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