Utilizing PPG (Points Per Game) For Success In Football Betting

Using PPG (Point Per Game) To Win In Football Betting

Utilizing PPG (Points Per Game) For Success In Football Betting

Football Betting is becoming more and more of a statistical endeavor as time passes. Bettors are entitled to use all tools available to get the better of bookmakers. Soccer statistics are a tremendous help to them as they make their selections. Points per game, or PPG for short, is one such metric, and it can help take your soccer betting to the next level - if used shrewdly.

What Is Point Per Game?

It is a general practice in soccer - as established by FIFA in 1994 onwards - to award points to teams based on the outcome of a match. The winning group is assigned three points, a single point for a draw and zero for the losing team. Points Per Game (PPG) divides the total points accrued by a team over a certain period by the actual games played during that time. The period has to be specific: it can be a whole season, a month, etc. PPG gives punters an idea of the average points a team can get in each match. Ultimately, PPG is a good statistic for determining how dominant or otherwise a team is in a particular league or its strength compared to an opponent in a betting scenario.

Aspects of Points Per Game

Points Per game has various angles of looking at it, depending on the type of wagers to be placed. Here are four examples:

  • Home team points per game. It weighs the number of games played by the home team against the number of points collected in a specific period.

  • Away team points per game. Converse to the point above, and this metric weighs the number of games played as the away team against the number of points collected during a specific timeframe.

  • Head-to-head points per game. In a general football betting sense, head-to-head or H2H pits two teams against each other. It analyzes recent encounters between two groups - usually the most recent 5 or 10 - to see who came out on top. H2H PPG reveals the average points a team has garnered against a specific opponent per game. It is reasonable to expect the team with the higher PPG in the H2H comparison to win an upcoming contest between the two groups.

  • Last “X” games points per game. The last X number of games is also a popular statistical method to review a team’s strength or performance. Punters popularly consider a team’s results in the most recent five matches to determine whether a team is in “form.” PPG shows a team’s average points per game in the last five games over the previous five matches. Divide the total points garnered by 5.

Best Ways To Use The Points Per Game In Football Betting

PPG helps to determine a team’s relative strength compared to its opponents. A team with higher points per game is considered more “in-form” than a team with fewer. With that knowledge, a punter can be more prudent when placing bets. PPG aids when placing bets like:

  • Moneyline: This bet involves predicting which team wins a football contest. The team with a higher general PPG or higher H2H PPG is a good pick for a 1X2 winner.

  • Double Chance: This bet predicts which team wins or draws a game. Similarly to the Moneyline, a team with a higher PPG is a good pick for the win or remove.

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