Mastering Double Chance Betting: Effective Strategies For 2024

2024 Betting Strategies For Double Chance Bet

Mastering Double Chance Betting: Effective Strategies For 2024

Double chance wagers give punters two opportunities to win a single betting event, such as a football game. Essentially, a punter needs to navigate the possibility of three potential outcomes in a football game. Looking at historical data of the English Premier League, teams win or lose a game roughly 75% of the time while drawing approximately 25% of the time. One in every four games has the potential to end in a draw (with some teams playing in more draw results than others).

A double chance wager gives a punter a double shot at winning a bet by making a wager on two out of the three outcomes in that specific game. A punter can bet on a team or group to win, lose, or draw. Each option gives punters two possibilities to wager while betting against the 3rd or most unlikely choice. Double chance wagers help punters make wagers by elimination, i.e. a punter eliminates the most unlikely outcome and makes a wager on the most likely results.

For example, consider Leeds United playing against Liverpool in a game in the English Premier League. A punter making a double chance wager can place a bet on Leeds to win or draw the game, on Liverpool to win or draw the game, or on either Leeds or Liverpool to win the game. A punter loses the bet only if Liverpool wins in the first wager. In the second wager, a punter loses the bet only if Leeds wins. In the last gamble, a punter loses the chance only if the game ends in a draw.

Strategies For Double Chance Bets

Top punters adopt some key strategies when making double chance wagers, and they are enumerated below:

1. Sporting Event With Three Outcomes

Double chance wagers work on sporting events with more than two possible outcomes. By making a wager on 2 out of 3 results, a punter is betting based on predicting which product is least likely to occur. For sporting events with mainly two possible outcomes, such as wagers on basketball, cricket, or tennis games, the probability of a draw outcome is very low. Most bookies don’t take double chance wagers with less than three outcomes.

2. Eliminates Draw Results

Punters can eliminate the probability of a draw result by placing a double chance wager on an event. A double chance wager helps a punter eliminate a draw result by making an equal part wager on a draw and an equal part wager on one other outcome. Eliminating draw results is beneficial when two teams or opponents are even. The possibility of a tie is high.

3. Compared To Lay Betting

Double chance betting is similar to laying a wager because a punter is betting on two out of three outcomes. Laying a wager is betting on a single effect not to occur, which means making a wager on either a draw result plus either team winning. A punter can also lay a wager with multiple outcomes, such as betting on a League or horse races. However, double chance wagers don’t apply to League betting or horse racing, or any event with more than three outcomes because the possibility of a draw result doesn’t exist in these specific situations. In some cases, a punter can compare and consider whether to lay a wager or opt for a double chance wager based on the odds and potential for profit.

4. Can Be Clubbed With Live Bets

Punters can combine double chance wagers with other specific wagers, such as live bets or in-game wagers. Live bets are wagers punters can make after the start of a game or betting event, rather than only before. Live bets are usually subject to variable odds, and punters must consider the perks and disadvantages of varying odds before making live bets.

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