Opening Odds And Closing Odds?

Are Opening Odds More Accurate Than Closing Odds?

Opening Odds And Closing Odds?

Betting odds are a great indicator of how much money you should be betting after a successful payout. They also indicate the expected probability of an event taking place. Betting odds are constantly subjected to shifts and movements based on the current events of the match that is taking place. When it comes to how accurate these odds are, well, that all depends on the knowledge and skill of the individual calculating them, today we will take a look at opening odds and closing odds, and which one provides a better picture of future outcomes. An outcome could be given extremely low odds at one point, but all of his could change half an hour later due to certain unexpected events that could not have been anticipated. The point is that odds constantly change – which means that they are subjected to movements. But when are odds the most accurate, and when are they the most profitable?

Opening odds

Opening odds are those that are available before the start of the game. As you might have guessed, these odds are purely based on speculation – careful speculation, albeit. They are usually available a couple of days before a game begins, and their accuracy is dependent on the skill of the bookie. Factors that matter are how well they do their research and analysis, whether they consider all the right factors, how precise their calculations are, and so on. They are based on existing information on factors that are not expected to change, such as recent form, injuries, playing style, line-ups, etc. Essentially, they are the odds when the bookie opens the market for a future event. Another huge factor that results in the movements is bettor activity. Opening odds will change according to the number of people betting on that particular option.

Closing odds

Closing odds, on the other hand, are those odds that are available just before the event begins. When everything is taken into consideration, closing odds are more accurate. This is because more precise information will be available on the match. One would now have access to weather information, any changes in line-ups, new injuries, the current form of the team, their current position, and also how badly they need to win. Could winning this match impact anything at all, such as their position on a table? Or is it just another filler match where winning isn’t too important to their overall success? Closing odds take into consideration all information available to the public, so you would see why they would be more precise.

But which of the two is more profitable?

Short answer – both opening and closing odds can be profitable if you know what you’re doing. Regardless of when you make your bets, you must always find value. A punter must always attempt to gain an edge over the bookmaker. Opening odds are continuously shifting, so there are chances that you will find situations where the odds don’t necessarily reflect the most likely outcome of the game. But then again, with closing odds, you are making a more informed decision that would lead to success due to the amount of data and stats already available. All in all, your pay-outs are dependent on your skill as a punter.

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