Soccer Spread Betting Explained

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Soccer Spread Betting Explained

Over the years, soccer has been very influential with evolutionary strategies, and today we can either play soccer or place a bet. Soccer betting has grown up to be the most popular type of betting these days, taking over from horse racing. Betting requires you to analyze the teams playing to chose the winner. Today we are going to be discussing on spread betting.

Soccer spread betting requires you bet on a team, deciding whether or not that team is going to win the match with a specific difference in the number of goals.

This can sometimes be hard to understand, so I will use two teams to explain this.


Barcelona vs Roma Spread Betting

Assuming Barcelona is playing against Roma,

Also, assuming Barcelona is the best team between these teams, we can now explain how spread betting works.

A value is assigned on both teams. For example, you say there will be a two-goal difference, at least. This can be demonstrated as shown below;  

Barcelona -2.5 (1.5)
Roma +2.5 (2.0)

This indicates that for Barcelona to win this match. She has to score a certain number of points or goals greater than two else you lose. Whereas for Roma to win the game, she has two choices; either she wins outright, or she looses by less than 2 for you to win this game. Thus, Barcelona has to score at least 3 - 0 for you to min the bet.

In addition to that, there is usually what is known as an odd, which is in the bracket. The odds are in favor of the weaker team, so you earn more if you choose the weaker team, and the team wins. For example, you bet a 100$ on Roma. From the odds, you get a 200$ in return, whereas if you place the bet on Barcelona, and the team wins, you end up having 150$, which is added directly into your account.

In situations where you have a draw, meaning the outcome is exactly 2, usually referred to as being either a push or you say the game is a perfect tie. At this point, you get your money back. Meaning if you bet 100$, you end up getting your exact 100$ in return.



With access to the internet and internet these days, you can today place a bet online. This involves selecting the best betting website for you. You create an account. You put an amount of money into your account from your card or mobile money number directly. At this stage, you bet online with an amount which you take from your account, and in case you win, the amount enters your account located on the website from which you can withdraw locally or directly into your bank account.

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