Why The Premier League Is So Popular?

Why The Premier League Is So Popular And Widely Followed?

Why The Premier League Is So Popular?

This premier league is incredibly popular; due to its status as the best football league in the world. Because of its overall competitiveness irrespective of the big or small team paradigm that exists in most the sports leagues. Smaller groups often win difficult for the bigger teams as compared to other leagues, which makes viewing these games much more enjoyable. Over the preceding decade, there has been a change in the teams present in the top 4 spots.

This change serves as the basis of qualification into the UEFA Champions League (widely regarded as the high club competition in football). This is a direct result of the competitive nature of the premier league.


This premier league has the most football fans in the world, because of top teams like

  • Manchester United (the club with the most premier league title wins),
  • Liverpool (the club with the most Champions League title wins in premier league history),
  • Arsenal (the club with the most FA cup wins)

Chelsea, Tottenham, and Manchester City are the most successful clubs and account for the majority of the fanbase, both domestically and internationally. These clubs also have some of the biggest stadiums in club football, such as the Wembley stadium in London and Old Trafford stadium in Manchester. It accounts for some of the highest percentages of viewership based on weekly population attendance.

The premier league also notably generates the highest revenue (2.48 billion euros in 2012-2013) in world football as compared to the other football leagues. Its net profits stem from the relative control of cost as well as deals based on television broadcast rights with Optus telecommunications in Australia, NBC sports in the USA, Super Sports in China and Sub-Saharan Africa as well as STAR Sports in India. It is also the most-watched football league in the world, with an implicit audience of 4.7 billion people.

The premier league always consists of the best players. The best managers from around the world and accounts for a more divisive distribution of finance as compared to most football leagues, which lead to more equality in terms of pay. It also accounts for a very diverse group of players from all over the world, consisting of different nationalities, which leads to a massive international fanbase.

Finally, football is the most popular sport in the world, with over 4 billion fans. The English are noted for transitioning mainstream football or as it knew in some parts of the world “soccer.” Consequently, the majority of football following is directed towards the British.

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