Zero-Risk Double Chance Soccer Betting Strategies

Zero Risk Double Chance Soccer Betting Strategies

Zero-Risk Double Chance Soccer Betting Strategies

As a gambler, you want to win while minimizing any chance of losing, right? The good thing about betting is that a wide variety of markets are available, and you should become familiar with them. Besides, most needs suit the events you might be interested in betting. Within the football betting world, the options are so many that it is necessary to have a good focus regarding the event. But, above all, you must be clear about what market you consider the best option for that event.

The Double Chance Is a Good Betting Opportunity

There are professional gamblers, others who are just starting and want to become professionals, and speculators who are just doing it for fun. But no matter who you are, you do not want to lose money. Therefore, choosing the right market is essential in the quest for profit, and the double chance market is one of the best options. We all know that a football match has three possible outcomes: win, lose, or tie. That sums up the game.

And when you can bet on any of those three options, we refer to the three-way bet market, also known as 1x2. If you don't know the terminology, we explain the 1x2: 1 (home win), X (draw), and 2 (away win). In this type of bet, there is a 33% winning chance for every option. But there is another option that can generate better profits: double chance.

What Is Double Chance Betting?

Instead of selecting one of the three options, it is a type where you can choose from only two: one primary and another that serves as a backup and in the same 1x2 format. But the chances of winning increase to 67%.

With this format, there are three ways to bet with the double chance:

  • 1X – Home Win and Draw

  • 2X – Away Win and Draws

  • 12 – Home or Away Win (either of the two teams wins).

Let's talk about the effects of this betting option. It is a simple market that presents good opportunities. However, it is a market for betting on favorite teams, so the odds will rarely be very high since the risks of losing funds decrease. And when you make two bets (one covers the other), logically, when you win one, you automatically lose the other.

Now, we will consider the best betting strategy for the double chance market. First, it is necessary to have all the information about the match, mainly about the favorite team. It is also critical to follow its winning or losing streak and how they are doing playing at home or away.

In this market, you can place a primary bet and a second one as a reinforcement or backup. In this case, the bettor should determine the stake he will put on each bet. Are you just getting started in sports betting? If so, we suggest this market because it also offers the chance to learn how the quotas and payment systems work.

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