Exploring Various Insurance Betting Systems

Different Types Of Insurance Betting Systems

Exploring Various Insurance Betting Systems

Sharp punters can identify and seize upon opportunities to use insurance betting systems for assured profits. Here are the most effective of those strategies!

Arbitrage Betting

In arbitrage betting, the punter bets on all possible sporting event outcomes. In terms of money line, arbitrage soccer betting would involve:

  • A Bet on a Home Win

  • A Chance on the Draw Possibility

  • A Bet on an Away Win

In probability science, the probability space is an appreciation of freedom such that the whole area equals 1. It means that the entire universe of probable events is covered. In the example above, the probability of a Home win, Away win or Draw win occurring is one because one of these outcomes MUST OCCUR. In that sense, they have placed all three bets guarantees that one of the bets must be successful. That, in a nutshell, is arbitrage betting. To ensure profit from this insurance betting system, however, one has to source two or more bookmakers with vastly different prices for the same event. It is not always common because bookmakers use the same data to set betting odds, but hawk-eyed punters can spot opportunities to apply the arbitrage betting strategy.

  • To effectively use arbitrage, choosing a bet with only two possibilities is more advisable than three. A good example is a double chance or over/under result.

  • Then, analyze the odds offered by several bookmakers for that market.

  • Pick the highest odds available for each of the two contrary outcomes.

  • Place an equal stake on both.

  • You will get a profit despite any outcome, and the gain will be the difference between the prices of the two products.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is an insurance system where the punter places two contrary bets for the same sporting event. The idea is to assure oneself of a profit despite the outcome of the match or event. Matched betting can sound very similar to arbitrage betting, as discussed above, and in many ways, it is. However, there is a critical difference in matched betting, and that’s because free bets are involved. Matched betting makes use of the promotions and bonuses often offered by bookmakers. Sometimes a bookmaker may offer a complimentary amount for a newly signed user. Other times they offer a bonus equalling a punter’s first deposit. Here are the steps to follow to make a 100% risk-free matched bet:

  • Identify a profitable event with only two outcomes. Examples are Home Team to Win (Yes/No), BTTS (Both Teams To Score), Double Chance, etc.

  • Inspect the odds (prices) offered by a good number of bookmakers, noting any significant discrepancies in the bookmakers’ expectations of the likely outcome. In simpler terms, observe situations where two bookmakers have vastly different expectations about an event. For instance, one bookie may think there’ll be Over 2.5 goals in a match, while another strongly disagrees.

  • Isolate the bookmakers offering the highest odds for each outcome.

  • Sign up with one of the bookmakers offering a free bonus, and make a reasonable deposit to activate the bonus.

  • Use the ‘free money to bet on one outcome and the other outcome using a similar amount of real money.

  • The punter stands to make a 100% risk-free profit no matter the outcome of the event.

Interestingly, matched betting offers a higher profit than arbitrage, considering that one of the pair of contrary bets is with ‘free money’ - the bonus money provided by the bookmaker. All a punter needs to do for these insurance betting systems is to be alive to the opportunities when they arise because they can be rare.


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