Discovering Value In Live In-Play Betting

Finding Value In In-Play Betting

Discovering Value In Live In-Play Betting

Many rookie bettors avoid in-play betting, also known as live betting, because they need to figure out themselves. But let us assure you, you are far more likely to spot value bets when you bet on live games instead of traditional betting. In this article, we'll share some valuable tips and strategies and the aspects of the game that you need to pay attention to increase your winning percentage.

Watch The Game Closely

This article's undeniably most crucial aspect is that you must watch the whole game without stopping. The best and most promising way to spot a value bet is to watch the entire play unfold. When it comes to live betting, there is much more than statistics alone, and you should watch the whole game. Because that way, you can see crucial insights that might not be so visible through statistics alone. Also, pay attention to critical events like yellow and red cards, injuries, and any possible substitutions. Of course, you should look at the tactics used by each team and the flow of the game.

Analyze Team Form And Lineups

Before the game even starts, you should research the lineups that will be present on the field and what team form looks like. About half an hour before the match starts, you can look at public lineups that teams must disclose before the tournament begins. That should give you a general idea of the game's direction. For example, if any key players are resting, you are going to stick to something other than your initial idea. Team form is another thing that you must heavily research. Parameters like the past few games, changes in managerial staff, and change in critical players are a must-know, and there is no question in analyzing that.

Consider Momentum Shifts And Game Flow

Soccer matches are very dynamic, and the momentum can change very fast, and when it does, it's your time to make a move. Algorithms and bookmakers can't pick up on that fast change, and there is your chance to make a value bet and capitalize on their mistakes. Because of this, watching the full game is a necessity. You will rarely spot a change in momentum or a change in-game flow if you are only watching one-half of the game or even less. If you have never had better in-play betting, you will understand what we are discussing when you try it for the first time.

Manage Your Bankroll Wisely

Bankroll management doesn't help you make better decisions and spot in-play value bets. But it will help you make more bets and lose less money on losing streaks. We recommend bankroll management to every rookie bettor because it will keep you disciplined and eliminate emotional betting. And believe us, emotional betting is very present when betting live. You should put your monthly betting budget evenly among all the days. And, of course, stick to it.

Closing Thoughts

We are sure that you have picked up something that will stay in your memory and allow you to make some smart and educated predictions that will make you some extra money. But remember that this is not a list of things you should do but the list of things you must do to boost your winning percentage.

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