Four Proven Mix Parlay Betting Tips

Four (4) Proven Mix Parlay Betting Tips

Four Proven Mix Parlay Betting Tips

Mixed parlay emerged after regular parlay wagers became popular with punters. With the advent of the internet, more punters had access to different types of parlay wagers with extensive options of games, sports, and leagues from other countries and cities. The internet helped make parlay wagers more accessible and customizable for the average punter. The lure of big profits also contributed to the increasing popularity of mix parlay wagers in some continents like Asia, Australia, the USA, the UK, and continental Europe.

What Is a Mix Parlay?

Mix parlay is a parlay or string of wagers combined or mixed across at least two or more different types of sports. A punter has no limit on the different types of sporting events to be a part of a mixed parlay wager. In essence, the mix is two or more different sports such as cricket, football, and hockey. The parlay consists of at least two or more wagers spread across the combination of 2 or more different sports or events. For example, a mixed parlay can constitute the five wagers listed below. The first three wagers are across football matches in different leagues and countries. The 4th wager is on a cricket game in India, while the 5th wager is on an NBA game in the USA. A punter must predict the outcome of all five bets to win the mix parlay wager. A wager on the outcome of Manchester City versus Chelsea in the EPL:

  • A bet on the development of Barcelona versus Real Madrid in La Liga
  • A chance the win Lyon versus Ajax in the Champions League
  • A wager on the outcome of RCB versus CSK in the IPL
  • A bet on the development of LA Lakers versus Boston Celtics in the NBA

Mix Parlay Betting Tips

See a few mix parlay betting tips below:

1. Sports In The Mix Parlay

The sporting events that make up a mixed parlay are an essential feature of a mixed parlay wager. Punters can access several sporting events, with most bets on soccer and football matches. Punters also make significant wagers on American football, cricket, motorsports, and horseracing. A punter can select two or more different types of sports and combine them to form a mixed parlay wager. However, a punter must also be adept in at least two or more marks to make a profitable mixed parlay wager.

2. Betting Markets In The Mix Parlay

The betting markets in a mixed parlay wager significantly impact the probability of winning and the potential profit from such a wager. If a punter selects unlikely outcomes as part of the mixed parlay wager, then the punter has an even lower probability of winning. Still, on the off chance the punter wins, the punter takes home a significant amount. For reference, the likelihood of winning a long Acca is sometimes one in millions (similar to the lottery).

3. Number Of Wagers In Each Sport

The number of wagers in each sport impacts the outcome, probability, and profitability of a mixed parlay wager. For example, a punter can select three football games and three cricket games as part of a mixed parlay. Alternatively, a punter can choose five different games across five other sports as part of a mixed parlay. It's relatively more accessible for a punter to operate across 2 or 3 different types of sports. Anything above five marks can overwhelm a punter.

4. Overall Length Of The Wager

The overall length of a wager can extend from 2 games to 20 games and, in some cases, even higher. A wager's size also impacts the probability of accurately predicting a mixed parlay wager. A punter can predict the outcome of 2 or 3 parlay games several times but may never be able to predict ten games simultaneously in a parlay.



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