What is Mix Parlay Betting?

Mix Parlay Betting Explained

What is Mix Parlay Betting?

One of the most popular soccer bet types is placed by millions of people around the world each day, and this kind of betting is called the mix parlay betting.

Some even call it as the parlay betting, while others might better know it as the accumulator betting (also known as the ‘ACCA').

Whatever you call it, many punters place these bets on a daily basis, and the big attraction is that you can place small stakes to win big money and of course, that is what every punter wants to do.

When you place one of these bets, you are selecting some soccer teams to all win their game. The bet consists of at least two teams and can have as many teams as you like, with bigger returns coming for the more teams you select.

The one thing that you need to remember when you are placing you bet that no matter how many teams you put in your bet, they must all win otherwise your bet loses.

Backing a winning mix parlay bet can be very difficult. You need multiple teams to win for you for your bet to win. This is why many people struggle to back winners, but it is also why big odds are there as a reward. The risk is big, but the reward is also big, and while ever that remains then you will always have millions of people placing them each week.

When you are looking at what teams to back in your parlay bet, you need to choose teams that you feel confident about their chances of winning. The odds on each side to win do not matter too much because you will get the accumulated odds of all your selections so you do not have to think about value as far as you would if you were playing a single bet.

You will often find that when you place a mix parlay bet if you speak to other people you will have picked some of the same teams. This is because everyone looks for what is known as bankers, these are teams who on paper look unbeatable, and it does not matter what price they are.

These are usually some of the biggest names in the soccer world, and they will appear on many different mix parlay bets every single week.

Teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona from Spain, Manchester City and Manchester United from England will be selected by many mix parlay bettors every single week. Should one of those losses when they are at home against a lower team then that usually makes it a bad week for mix parlay punters and a good week for the bookies.

Mix parlay betting can be very profitable because the rewards on offer are huge due to the odds accumulating. Look out for teams who have a great chance of winning and combine them in the hope of landing a big win to boost your betting profit.

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