Six Tips To Achieve A Better ROI In Soccer Betting

Six (6) Tips To Achieve A Better ROI In Soccer Betting

Six Tips To Achieve A Better ROI In Soccer Betting

ROI is the average return on investment a punter can expect based on any wager or set of bets. Simply put, it's the expected return a punter can expect on making a wager. ROI is vital in several aspects, such as investing in startups, shares, or businesses. Calculating ROI isn't an exact science because the estimated ROI may differ from the actual ROI. A punter calculates ROI by estimating how much they could potentially win and the probability of the event occurring. In reality, a punter's ROI may differ from the estimates but is a reference point for making wagers. One of the primary uses of ROI is to compare the potential return on different investments or wagers. ROI gives punters a substantial number to compare and analyze which wager to make (at the cost of other stakes) and which wagers to avoid. For example, the ROI on home teams in the EPL may be higher than betting on the home teams in Ligue 1 and may give a punter a higher profit from making wagers on teams playing at home in the Premier League.


Calculating ROI is the profit made from wagering minus the total amount spent betting divided by the total amount spent betting.

ROI= (profit-wagered amount)/total amount wagered

How Do You Achieve a Better ROI?

Punters can achieve a better ROI by utilizing betting strategies and betting software, adopting a margin of safety, making low-risk wagers, setting conservative betting limits, and comparing odds on different betting markets.

1. Utilizing Betting Strategies

Punters who adopt successful betting strategies tend to achieve a better ROI on their wagers compared to punters that don't utilize betting strategies or punters that use inefficient betting strategies. For example, a punter needs to consider if they want to make progressive or regressive wagering limits on each wager based on the last stake's results (win or loss). Examples of betting strategies include:

  • Betting on the home team.
  • Betting on specific betting markets.
  • Eliminating draw results.
  • Arbitrage betting strategies.  

2. Betting Software

Betting software helps punters quickly compare, analyze, and access several betting opportunities and their respective ROIs. For example, a punter could use Excel, Google Sheets, or Python. Punters can also gain new ideas on betting opportunities by utilizing different software because the human mind is limited in capacity when scanning through thousands of betting markets and wagers.

3. Margin Of Safety

The margin of safety is when the price of a wager is less than its actual value. The cost of a bet may fall below its real value if too many punters place a bet on the same outcome. Alternatively, punters utilize margin of safety as a risk management strategy to make wagers on underpriced or mispriced gambles and make a higher profit on such bets.

4. Low-risk Wagers

Low-risk wagers help punters achieve a better ROI throughout a punter's betting career. At the same time, lower risk means a lower profit but a higher probability of winning the bet because of the risk involved.

5. Conservative Betting Limits

Conservative punters should establish traditional betting limits such as under 1% of their betting bankroll. Most punters that have an improved ROI stipulate conventional betting limits play an essential role in helping punters limit their overall exposure on any wager. In the long run, a traditional betting limit helps a punter win more consistently and lose only the wagered amount on any bet.

6. Comparing Odds On Different Betting Markets

The most important use of an ROI percentage is comparing it with other wagers' ROIs. Punters can compare the odds on different betting markets, the probability of winning, the level of risk, and the actual return on betting investment. The return on investment gives punters a quantifiable metric comparable to other possible bets. Otherwise, it's hard for a punter to compare which wager is worth making at the cost of forfeiting, making different stakes, or participating in other betting markets.  


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