Conor Gallagher Player Reviews

Conor Gallagher - The Jewel

Conor Gallagher Player Reviews

If you listen to a conversation about the Premier League, the chances are that teams like Manchester United, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea are mentioned ... But this season, you may hear from a team called Crystal Palace. And it is not because the Palace is in the first place of the Premier (although being in the middle of the standings is not bad for them either). The main motive, and the only one, has Conor Gallagher. Yes, this season, Conor Gallagher has made Crystal Palace one of the most popular teams in the Premier League. Even though he's not as sought after as Palace, he's still the engine of his team and the revelation player of this season, proving that his future does indeed worth a lot. But let's start with the bottom line: Conor Gallagher is only 21 years old. And he came to the Palace from Chelsea on loan for this season, which is a pain for the Palace fans, who shout "sign him!" At every game. But, this is impossible for the Palace to do.

The Amazing Conor Gallagher

Conor Gallagher is a midfielder with the ability to score goals. In fact, with four goals, he is the leader of his team. And although he was able to play this season with Chelsea, the best option for Gallagher's development was to loan him to Palace. This team is trained by the great Patrick Vieira, a midfielder in his era as an active player. So, Vieira has been in charge of polishing the gem that is Conor Gallagher. With the Palace and under the tutelage of Vieira, Conor has displayed a simply impressive style of playing. Conor Gallagher has shined for his ability to move around the field. He engages in defensive plays, mobilizes his teammates, and creates offensive plays in the central zone. But, also, he nurtures the wings. He is an explosive player whose personality leads him to assume leadership and focus on his teammates.

And this formula resulted of his team achieving a streak of 6 games without losing. Additionally, they managed to defeat Manchester City as visitors in a match in which Conor Gallagher scored a goal and was unstoppable for the defense of the City. In every match, Conor Gallagher gives the impression of wanting to help the team win. Also, he has the talent and the drive to establish himself as a leading figure in the Premier League. Furthermore, his cordiality and humility have earned him the respect of fans, teammates, and management. But his time at the Palace is limited, and Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea's coach, has already announced that he wants him for next season. Chelsea even received offers from various teams interested in Conor Gallagher, which they logically rejected. What Conor is showing with the Palace is an indicator that he will be the piece of the midfield that Chelsea so badly needs. Besides, he has all the youth to continue training and standing out in one of the best teams in the world.

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