Benzema And Vinicius - The Best Duo In Football

Are Benzema And Vinicius The Best Duo In Football Now?

Benzema And Vinicius - The Best Duo In Football

Hopefully, a football team manages to have an effective attacker to score goals to provide a solid guarantee for the team's offense. After all, in the game of football, the goal is king. So a team can have the best goalkeeper, the best defenders, and midfielders, but without a forward who finishes the attack plays, the rest is worth nothing. Of course, generally, a team will be happy if they manage to have that star attacker and help the rest of the team generate more goals. But, the true dream is to have not one but a duet of attackers who are just as effective and who complement each other to score goals. Certainly, this isn't easy to achieve in today's football. But certain exceptions allow a team to develop offensive systems that guarantee many scoring goals. One of these teams is Real Madrid, with its formidable forwards: French Karim Benzema and Brazilian Vinicius Junior. 

Benzema And Vinicius: The Perfect Match

When writing this article and after 17 matches between the two players, they have scored 23 of the 39 goals that keep Real Madrid in a comfortable first place on the leaderboard. Therefore, it is easy to foresee that this terrific duo can lead its team to win La Liga. The departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Madrid has been very beneficial in terms of the team's transformation. From focusing on the quality of a single player, Madrid now taps into all of them. This fact has facilitated the incredible maturing process that Vinicius Junior has gone through since the last season. Thus, that has been the key to becoming the puncher that he is. Last year he looked immature nervous. He has a peripheral vision that allows him to complement Benzema and execute goal plays. Vinicius speed, capable of overwhelming any opponent, and Benzema's technique, instinct, and experience, make them unstoppable. Benzema is the best scorer in La Liga with 13 goals, and Vinicius follows him with 10. Moreover, together they also have a lot of assists. Undoubtedly, they are nowadays recognized as the most powerful attacking duo of all the leagues in the world.

This is a perfect example of when talent, youth, and inexperience come together with maturity. Vinicius' excellent career is just beginning. Even so, he has managed to become a player that many did not even imagine considering his age. Additionally, we must note that he had to form an attack team with a legend like Benzema. But the young Brazilian has known how to give his best and overcome his insecurities to win over the fans of a team as important and recognized as Real Madrid. However, they still have half the season left to demonstrate what is evident so far: there is no better attacking duo than Benzema and Vinicius.

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