2020 English Premier League Betting Trends

English Premier League Betting Trends

2020 English Premier League Betting Trends

The English Premier League is one of the most notable football tournaments on the international stage. Each season it offers many opportunities to punters. These opportunities are available to anyone who knows how to use stats and betting trends in their favor. In this regard, during the 2020 Premier League season, interesting betting trends have been generated every punter should know.


Premier League Betting Trends

In the Premier League are some of the most dominant teams in Europe. This, coupled with the fast-paced, excellent technique with which they play, has made this tournament one of the most competitive in the world.

If we review the Premier League 2020 trends when 73% of the calendar has been played, we will find exciting things such as:

  • In England, the number of matches in which three or more goals are made is 53%. The average goals per match are 2.75. And the result that has happened most is 1-1.
  • Home teams have won 44% of the matches, while visitors have won 31% of the victories.
  • With the previous season, draws increased from 19% to 25%. This indicates that in the present campaign, the teams have chosen to risk less preferring to rescue at least 1 point in each match.
  • Interestingly, West Ham United and Norwich City are in the top 5 during the first half of the games as locals. These teams are struggling not to descend but present 7-3-4 and 8-3-3 records, respectively, during the first half when playing at home.
  •  During the first 45 minutes, Wolverhampton exhibits opposite behaviors when it plays at home and when it does as a visitor. As a local in the first part of the matches, he is undefeated with 7-7-0 and on the road; he has a record of 1-5-8.
  • Total goals per game is a prevalent type of bet. In this regard, in 79% of Chelsea and Tottenham's matches as visitors, there have been scored three or more goals.
  • Likewise, more than 2.5 goals have been made in 74% of Manchester City games and 70% of Aston Villa's commitments. On the contrary, Sheffield United has seen less than 2.5 goals in 78% of its matches.
  • Wolverhampton, in theory, will have the most favorable calendar towards the end of the season. Of their last ten opponents, 7 of them are at the bottom of the standings.


Another exciting element when betting is the traditional performance difference between the group of teams called "big six" and the rest. This makes it easier to bet on the winner of each match. Likewise, there is usually a clear trend towards over in total goals.

Finally, we invite you to follow the Premier League 2020 closely and take into account the betting trends that we have mentioned here when placing your sports bets. Similarly, it is important to be aware of the status of the most relevant players. All this will determine the success you can have in your bets.

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