Sports Betting in Indonesia

Sports Betting in Indonesia: Tips for the Novice

Sports Betting in Indonesia

Sports betting, as all kinds of gambling, are strictly regulated in Indonesia; thus making it harder to find legal options to bet locally. When it comes to the world of online gambling, Indonesian authorities generally persecute illegal operators but not their customers. Regarding online sports betting, usually, authorities' measures refer to blocking gambling websites. For this reason, online sports betting is an excellent alternative for punters.

So, we are providing some tips here for novice punters on how to sports betting in Indonesia...

Important tips for betting in Indonesia

Opening and managing accounts in betting websites:

Online sports betting has many fans in Indonesia. Punters can use either Asian or European bookies. Posting up is the way to deposit the money you require for betting online. Likewise, request a payout from your balance. Just visit the website's cashier and select the option convenient for you. You can open a betting account using Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) as currency in most Asian bookies. Besides offering secure deposit procedures, some of them even give bonuses for new clients.

On the other hand, you can use European bookies. They do not admit Indonesia's banking procedures like bank transfers or credit cards. Then, you will have to use an e-wallet. The EntroPay withdrawal method is available at Bet365 and all other UK bookmakers. Generally, these betting sites are even safer than some Asian bookmakers.

Sports you can bet in Indonesia:

You can place wagers on many games through the top online bookies in Indonesia, from football to handball, chess, and volleyball. However, the most common sports you will find on betting sites in Indonesia are football, basketball, Badminton, and Sepak Takraw (a kind of footvolley).

Indonesian Sports Betting Odds:

In Indonesia, sports betting odds depend on several elements. Among them are both the odds of the possible outcome and betting trends. The Indonesian Odds (IND), or "Indo Odds" show the amount you need to place to win a single unit (1.00). This means that if the odds are 1.00, you should double your money since you would win 1 unit for each unit you bet. Odds can be positive or negative for other prices. Positive odds will show how much you will earn for each unit placed. Meanwhile, negative odds show how much you should bet to win 1 unit.

A simple formula for Indo Odds is as follows:

  • Positive: stake x odds = profit
  • Negative: stake / odds = profit

Security Concerns:

If you are a newbie bettor in Indonesia and you want to bet online, you may feel some security worries. In that sense, you can yet bet on your preferred sports safely by choosing known and abroad-accredited online bookie.

As in the rest of Asia, online sports betting will continue to be very popular in Indonesia. The popularity won't stop even though the prevailing laws are against gambling in this country. However, cautious gamblers use reliable VPNs. Similarly, they use EntroPay, the most recognized e-wallet in this country, to make their deposits and withdrawals.

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